Monday, 21 September 2015

The Perfect Highlight

My favourite type of product to use out of all makeup has to be highlighters, I love the glowing look and I think they lighten and brighten up any makeup look. The places I like to highlight are my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose and my tear ducts. 

My all time favourite highlighters to use are..

This is a highlighter I have used for many many years and will always be my favourite, it's a skin tone shade so it blends seamlessly into the skin, and it gives the most perfect glow to the skin when the light hits it

If you're looking for a highlighter which has no shimmer or glitter particles to it, then this is the product for you, this is a cream product so the cream itself will give you a natural looking glow, this product has a peachy pink colour to it, which is great to use on the cheekbones and slightly on the apples of your cheeks to add a flush of colour to them, I don't know what it is about this product but when the light hits it, it almost has a light reflecting factor to it which I love

I would compare this product to the Mac 'Soft and Gentle', but this one has a more pink, champagne tone to it, again it's not glittery, but has a gorgeous shimmer to it. When I use this product I do brush it slightly over the apples of my cheeks so you don't get a pink streak on your cheekbones, so I make it into a blush also, this helps it to look more natural and less like a streak

This is a liquid highlighter which comes in a tube, you only need the smallest amount, half a pea size is plenty enough for both cheekbones. Because this shade is such a bright and light colour, it is really good for highlighting your face and bringing light to it. This one has a slight silver shimmer to it but very natural

I lean towards highlighters which have more of a glow to them rather than a sparkle or shimmer, but a slight shimmer to the product I do like. I switch and change between all of these highlighters either depending on the look I'm going for, or the mood I'm in.

Love, Chantelle