Tuesday, 2 February 2016

January/2016 Favourites

A few of the products mentioned here are mainly yearly favourites that I have been loving all year, whether I have been on and off using them, I will always go back to them! These are all included in my current makeup that I have been wearing everyday.

As you can see in the picture, mine has been well loved and I think it is time to get a new one! I use this everyday to put on my foundation. I hardly ever use a brush as I think using a sponge is so much easier, and using this sponge makes your foundation have a glow/dewy look to it as you have to wet the sponge before you use it, so it's kind of adding moisture to your foundation. It doesn't leave any streaks and blends it in seamlessly 

This has been my everyday foundation for the past few months, I really love it more so in the winter time and when I need a bit more coverage. It just seems to work really well with my skin, covering what I need it to cover, and sits really nice, not looking fake or cakey

This is what I used everyday in the Summer, I really love the finish of this product and that it feels light on your skin. It really does brighten your complexion as well as giving a medium coverage. I haven't used it in a while because I only have a little bit left and I don't want to run out!

This is a new addition to my everyday makeup, and as soon as I saw it launch I really wanted to get my hands on it, then I saw they launched it in the UK, then there was no question as to me getting it. This is much like the tom ford brow definer, being a pencil which is in the shape of a small angled brush which people can use to fill in the brows, it makes it a lot easier to fill them in and you can make precise lines where you want to, they also have a really good colour range. I think the price is really good for what it does. Mine is in the shade 'Medium Brown'

I have used this all year round on and off depending on my mood, but I always come back to it as I love all of the shades as I think they suit my skin tone the best, all shades are really pigmented and I hardly get any fallout on them so I never scare to do my face makeup before my eyes. I really love glitter and shimmery eye shadows and this palette offers a really good selection, it's basically like this palette was catered to me!

I saw Tanya Burr use this a few months back in one of her videos and I thought it looked like the perfect nude, I really love it when I wear a natural base, say just foundation, concealer and highlighter, not so much with bronzer or when I am tanned as then I think it's a little too light for me and washes me out, but if you're light or pale skin I think this is your perfect nude, it's not too pink which I like as I don't think pink lips suit me very much. I also really like the finish which is matte, but I always moisturise my lips beforehand so it's not drying.

Here are swatches of the lipstick and three of my favourite shades from the Naked palette

Top to bottom- Illamasqua Lipstick, Sidecar, Toasted and Half Baked eyeshadows

Love, Chantelle