Saturday, 18 October 2014

Primark Haul (Christmas Addition)

I did a small bit of shopping in Primark, as my favourite time to shop is around Christmas as I find that's when shops bring out the best products.. As I work at Primark I get to be the first to see their new stock which is very bad as it makes me want to buy it all! ..

Berry Sparkle Jumper £10 -
My favourite colour for this year is berry/plum shades, so as soon as I saw this I had to have it! It screams out Christmas and everyone needs a jumper in the Winter

Christmas Holly Bow Hair Tie £1 -
Super festive hair tie which is a red velvety material, white fur around the bow with a holly in the middle! I couldn't pass this up as it was way to cute

Gingerbread Man Iphone Case £3 -
I have a slight obsession with gingerbread men, they are so adorable and I literally want anything which has a gingerbread man on, so I had to have this Iphone case, although I actually think this is a gingerbread woman.. They have also brought in a lot of Iphone cases recently and a couple other Christmas ones such as a polar bear and a Christmas tree

Yankee Candle 'Cherry Vanilla' £6 for a set of 6 -
Now this wasn't part of this Primark haul but it is Christmas related as I got it in a pack of 6 candles which where all Christmas scents and this is the last one I have left to burn so I thought I would include it anyway as it was something I got recently

Socks -
I only ever buy my socks from Primark as they're so affordable and really good quality, they have so many in this year and I decided to pick up these three! The berry black spotted longs socks came in a pack of 2 with a navy pair for £2, and the other 2 have this amazing warm wool inside which keep your feet amazingly warm and the pattern is super festive, the navy and red pair were around £2 - £3 and the white and red were £4, they actually have in socks which are called heaters which will keep your feet very warm and toasty but these where perfect for me

What Christmas things have you bought recently?

Love, Chantelle