Wednesday, 15 October 2014

LUSH Wishlist

The end of last month and this month I have been obsessing over Lush, as soon as their Halloween and Christmas stuff came out I was all over them and want every single one! I don't turn to Lush throughout the year but they bring out the most amazing Christmas edition products and I am definitely a Christmas person, it's my favourite time of the year, it's my number 1 obsession! I love anything and everything Christmas related..

I made a collage of all the Lush products I want to get this year!

I will try and inform you of what I know about the products, but I haven't smelt any yet!

Lord Of Misrule (Halloween Addition) £5.50 -
A bath bomb.. Turns your bath a dark red with red and green colours! 

Sparkly Pumpkin (Halloween Addition) £3.50 -
Bubble Bar.. Turns your bath orange with gold glitter and lots of bubbles

The Melting Snowman £2.25 -
Bath melt.. Melts in the bath to make the water silky and skin beneficial! 

Reindeer Rock £3.10 -
Bath Soap..

Northern Lights (Bonfire Night Addition) £3.50 -
Bath Bomb.. Purple bath bomb with hidden blue and yellow inside, once solvating the colour pop out and shoot around the bath like a firework display, also meant to spin in a circle whilst dissolving

Wizard (Halloween Addition) £3.25 -
Bubble Bar.. Turns your bath a deep purple with lots of bubbles

Star Light, Star Bright £3.50 -
Bath Melt.. To make the water silky and beneficial for your skin, also has a silver glitter coating and a hidden pop of blue surprise inside..

Snowcake £3.40 -
Bath Soap.. Sweet smelling

Golden Wonder £3.75 -
Bath Bomb.. Shake the present to hear a jingle.. A glitter present holding a green/blue colourful surprise inside

Santa's Lip Scrub £5.50 -
Red lip scrub smelling of cola sweets, with little edible hearts

Yog Nog £3.40 -
Bath Soap.. Sweet smelling

The Christmas Hedgehog £3.25 -
Bubble Bar.. Creates lots of bubbles

Dashing Santa £2.95 -
Bath Bomb.. A Santa figure to supposedly 'dash' around your bath whilst dissolving.. leaves your bath green

Snow Angel £3.95 -
Bath Melt.. Sweet smelling with a gold glitter coating on the back to leave your bath golden with sparkles, very silky and moisturising

Holly Golightly £4.75 -
Bubble Bar.. creating lots of bubbles, this silver glitter coated bubble bar holds a holly green colour inside to leave your bath that holly look and feel

Christmas Eve £2.95 -
Bubble Bar.. A blue sky with a yellow moo, this bubble bar creates the most fun bubbles and leaves your bath nigh time sky blue

The Christmas Penguin £3.25 -
 Bubble Bar.. This little blue penguin creates thousands of bubbles for you to indulge in

Cinders £2.50 -
Bath Bomb.. A bath bomb with a story.. Representing the story of Cinderella, this bath bomb created a golden bath, also holding red popping candy on the top, once the popping candy melts away with the bath bomb, it creates a themed like fireplace to represent the crackling of the fire, the right way to set the mood and relax

Shoot For The Stars £3.50 -
Bath Bomb.. This bath bomb captures a variety of amazing colours such as blue, yellow and pink to give you an amazing show as the bath bomb explodes shooting colours around your bath with a trail of quicksilver, a great way to represent the night sky, a sweet smell the same as 'Honey I Washed The Kids'

Butterbear £1.95 -
Bath Bomb.. This is a special bath bomb as it holds amazing chunks of moisturising cocoa butter, the same scent as 'Butterball Bath Bomb' with that vanilla, Shea butter scent, helping skin from the start

Candy Mountain £2.75 -
Bubble Bar.. A swirled moutain of shimmering white silver and pink, shimmery and bubbly! Creates amazing bubbles with a luxury sweet scent. The scent of 'Snow Fairy'

Luxury Lush Pud £3.50 -
Bath bomb.. another exciting colourful bath bomb display, the colourful pastel circles in the bath bomb come away from the bath bomb to create colourful islands of their own around the bath, shares part of the scent from 'Twilight Bath Bomb'

Father Christmas £3.50 -
Bath Bomb.. Another product to share the popular scent of 'Snow Fairy', this year Lush decided Santa should smell sweet like Snow Fairy, he leaves your bath a festive green

Hot Toddy £3.95 -
Shower Gel.. A Christmassy red with gold glitter shower gel with a festive scent, a great shower gel for the festive season to come

Bath Bombs:
Lord Of Misrule
Golden Wonder
Dashing Santa
Shoot For The Stars
Luxury Lush Pud
Father Christmas
Northern Lights

Bath Melts:
Snow Angel
Star Light, Star Bright
The Melting Snowman

Bubble Bar:
Sparkly Pumpkin
Holly Golightly
The Christmas Hedgehog
Christmas Eve
The Christmas Penguin
Candy Mountain

Bath Soaps:
Reindeer Rock
Yog Nog

Shower Gel:
Hot Toddy

Lip Scrub:
Santa's Lip Scrub

What's your favourite products from lush? I would love to know so leave a comment!

Love, Chantelle