Friday, 10 October 2014

The Perfect Brow

Brows are key to making a makeup look complete, I am no brow expert.. Although I do have a good experience with brows when I did my Beauty Therapy qualification, I believe every girls brows look amazing with a slight arch to lift the brow, if you don't have an arch in your brow like me, you can always extenuate it slightly with a brow product..

My perfect brow is a natural brow, very lightly filled in, not too dark or too light, with a slight arch, a clean point to the end of the brow tail and the front of the brow to be where the least of the product is.

I wanted to share a few different products you could use to fill in your brows and make them look fuller..

A pencil formed in a shape of an angled brush, my favourite product to use on my brows, it's shape makes the application light so it's not as easy to apply too much, makes the brows look very natural, also makes it quick and easy to fill them in

2. Benefit Gimme Brow 'Light/Medium'
If you have full brows, but want to keep them in place or add a tint, this is the product for you, it's tint colour helps to make the brows look full and shades in any gaps in the brows, also keeps them brows in place all day

This is a more precise pencil with a very thin tip, this is great if you only need to fill in a few areas on your brows, you can use it to create hair like strokes through the brows 

This is also great to fill in only certain areas in the brows, this is a brow marker so it's almost like felt tipping in your brows, but the colour is very sheer so you can't apply too much at all

There are so many products out there for brows, if you keep searching and trying them all out you'll eventually find the perfect product for you

L-R: Tom Ford Brow Sculptor, Benefit Gimme Brow, Mac Brow Pencil, Mac Brow Marker

What's your perfect brow?

Love, Chantelle