Friday, 6 March 2015

Victoria Secret Body Mists

 Every girl who loves beauty and all girly things like me, will know the struggle when you gain an obsession of buying lots of the same thing, such as buying Lush products, candles, makeup.. But in this case for this month, it has been clothes and Victoria Secret Body Mists.. I really don't know why this happens, if it's just me or everyone, but I go through phases of buying lots of the same thing throughout that month because I get obsessed!

I love the VS body mists for the wide range of scents they have, they literally have a scent for everyone, they last on the skin and clothes all day, you get 250ml in each bottle, for £13, I think the price of these are really reasonable for what you get out of them.  

Depending on my mood, depends on which one I go for that day, but recently purchasing 'Love Addict' along with two others, this is the one I've been wearing everyday/

L-R: Sensual Blush, Love Addict, Sheer Love, Love Spell, Total Attraction & Passion Struck

L-R: Sensual Blush, Love Addict, Sheer Love
Sensual Blush (Pink Lotus & Sultry Woods)
This will always be my favourite scent of them all, it's a floral scent as well as being sultry and musky at the same time, I usually reach for the musky woody scents but sometimes they can be a little too sweet, so because this one is mixed with a floral pink lotus flower scent, it has a good balance of them both

Love Addict (Wild Orchid & Blood Orange)
Comparing this to Sensual Blush, this is a much more floral, slightly fresher scent as it doesn't have a lot of a musky, wood scent to it, only slightly, and it's still a sexy scent, not too sweet which I like. It has a slight sweet scent to it, but the floral scent overpowers that, I'm not a fan of orange scents, but I do like blood orange which you can smell only slightly in this spray. I think this could be worn for either day or night

Sheer Love (White Cotton & Pink Lily)
This one is much more of a pure floral, fresh scent, no wood or musky notes in it, it really does smell like a beautiful flower, as they like to think of that flower being a lily, which I don't really get from it, but still very floral. fresh, light and pretty

L-R: Love Spell, Total Attraction, Passion Struck

Love Spell (Cherry Blossom & Peach)
This one is quite a strong floral and fruity scent, you wouldn't need to spray much or I think it would be quite overpowering, you can definitely smell the peach in it and does remind me of these peach sweets you could get from the local sweet shop as a child, they were sugar coated and half red/pink and half yellow (if you google peach sweets they'll come up), if you like a good, strong floral, fruit scent, then you'll really love this one

Total Attraction (Cherry Orchid & Lily Blossom)
This scent is much also a strong floral scent but with an added sweetness to it, I think it has the right balance of floral and sweet. You can just about smell the cherry in it too. This one also smells quite strong so I don't think you would need a lot

Passion Struck (Fuji Apple & Vanilla Orchid)
From the first smell of this, I get a very sweet vanilla scent, again like all of the sprays being based on flowers, you can still smell the floral notes in it, but I would say it is definitely more sweet than floral, I don't really wear this one much as I do think when it's settled on me, it does have a sweet man smell to it, which might just be because it's a woody vanilla scent, but I still do like it. It's definitely the sweetest from my collection

Overall these mists are really worth the investment, I honestly don't think they're that much to pay for, to say they last all day, has a strong scent so you don't need much, and because you get a lot in one bottle

Do you have any VS body mists and which ones?!

Love, Chantelle