Monday, 2 March 2015

The BEST Creaseless Concealer EVER!

I have tried a few concealers, and It's so hard to find one which had a medium coverage, a brightening effect, and one which doesn't crease at all, I've tried a few concealers which people claim they don't crease, but on me they do, I have a few super fine lines underneath my eyes which is quite unfortunate because I also have blue-purple veins under my eyes too, which means I need a medium-full coverage concealer, but I can't use them as if I use anything more than a light coverage, it just creases, and when I go to set the concealer (also having tried different powders and techniques to set the under-eye area), it just always seems to enhance my fine lines under my eyes even more and make it a little cakey.

But, I feel like I have found the best concealer for my needs, and that's the MAC Select Cover Up Concealer 'NW15'. This concealer feels a little thick as it's in a tube, and I thought, great, another concealer which will crease, but when I applied it, it did not crease at all! Also you need only the smallest dot ever under each eye as it's really pigmented, it has a medium-full coverage, and I tried layering it and building it up, even though I didn't need to, to see if it would crease then, and it didn't!

The shade 'NW15' helps to counteract dark under eye area's as it has a peach, warm undertone, which is what I love using under the eyes. 

I am just so amazed at this concealer, I can truthfully say it does not crease, it's super pigmented, it doesn't feel cakey and it really does brighten to eye area up a lot!

If you suffer with creasing under the eyes, or are just looking to invest in a new concealer, then I would 100% recommend this one, it's everything you want in a concealer and more!

What's your holy grail concealer?

Love. Chantelle