Thursday, 26 February 2015

Lush Cosmetics Easter 2015 | Blogger Breakfast Event

Yesterday morning, myself and a few other Bloggers got invited to attend a Blogger Breakfast at Lush in Meadowhall, I am so honoured that I got to get a preview and demonstration of the whole Easter collection, so thank you Lush for having me! They have brought back some oldies but goodies, and some new! 

All of these products are vegan and made with fresh ingredients so they're suitable for everyone!

Bunch Of Carrots (Bubble Bar)
Bunchu Oil
Lemon Oil
Bergamot Oil
I really do like this product! As this is a re-usable bubble bar, simply swirl a carrot (or the whole bunch if you like) in your bath to create a bright orange bath with mountains of bubbles, when I first felt this product, I noticed that it feels so so soft! as you can see it is packed with oils to really nourish your skin. These have a fresh and clean scent, which is always a type of bath scent everyone needs once in a while! Definitely a spring scent to get you in the mood for summer!

Golden Egg (Bath Bomb/Bath Melt)
Fair Trade Colombian Cocoa Butter
Olive Oil
Sweet Wild Orange Oil
This one has to be my absolute favourite, not because its a gold egg, but because the scent is right up my ally, it has a sweet musk scent which is my favourite type of scent, and what's unique about this product is that on the outside it's like a bath melt with all amazing oils to penetrate your skin, then it turns into a bath bomb and leaves your bath all golden and glittery! One way to make you feel like a goddess!

Fluffy Egg (Bath Bomb)
Sodium Bicarbonate
Citric Acid
Everyones favourite scent, Snow Fairy! This is a pink bath bomb sure to make you feel sweet and girly in your bath. This bath bomb really does give you an awesome show!

Immaculate Eggception: Pink & Yellow (Bath Bomb)
Grapefruit Oil
Lemon Oil
Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute 
This is a double bath bomb, so you get 2 uses out of it! Simply crack open the egg, to find another little surprise inside to use for another time. It also really does smell like sweet vanilla and lemon! A great way to smell sweet and citrusy at the same time

Hoppity Poppity (New) (Bath Bomb)
Violet Leaf Absolute
Lime Oil
Popping Candy
This is a new edition to the Easter collection this year, it's a bath bomb which has tons of popping candy making bath time very exciting and leaves your bath a milky pink. This is a scent for the people who prefer something which isn't sweet, but more fresh! You can definitely smell the lime in there

Somewhere Over The Rainbow (New) (Soap)
This is also something new to the collection! A soap which is glittery! The glitter isn't made out of plastic so its' very safe and beneficial for the bath or shower, as you can see from the picture, it looks very exciting to use! With tons of bright colours and glitter to make extra girly!

Pot O' Gold (Shower Jelly)
Fresh Pineapple Juice
Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute
Myrrh Resinoid
This is a really interesting shower jelly, as you can see it's a gorgeous shimmering gold and it smells sweet from the vanilla and you can smell the fruitiness from the pineapple also! I do think shower jellies are a fun thing to use so I would recommend for you to give them a try!


A few of the gifts which will also be available to buy..

A few other random pictures of the day..

This whole range will be launching in store and online Friday 27th February

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Will you be picking up any of the Easter collection?

Love, Chantelle