Sunday, 22 February 2015

MAC Haul!

Recently I was inspired by Tanya Burr and a couple Instagram makeup posts to make a few purchases from MAC, after seeing Tanya Burr use the MAC Select Cover Up Concealer and MAC Cream Colour Base in 'Hush', I decided that I needed them both in my life as she always makes makeup products look really good and I wouldn't of considered to buy them if I didn't see her use them, and I am really chuffed I made these purchases as I do really love MAC and I don't feel like I own enough!

After seeing Tanya Burr use this I just had to get it, it made her under-eye really bright and flawless! I got the shade NW15 as the peach undertone in it will really help to brighten and also cancel out any dark areas under the eyes

This is another product I saw Tanya use and thought I just needed to get it right away! I'm really getting into cream products as I find they look much more natural on the skin, and I have seen a few people use this, and it may not look like anything special in the pan, but when you use this on the tops of your cheekbones it really makes your skin look super glowy and luminous

I know a lot of people rave about this lip liner ever since hearing Kylie Jenner use it, and it's my perfect kind of colour, so as soon as it came back in stock I grabbed it right away! it's a rose mauve toned lip pencil which is great paired with any pink or mauve toned lip product, or even worn by itself and it gives a gorgeous, full-lips looking effect

I saw someone on Instagram swear by this lipgloss and it made their lips look so plumped and full, I just needed to have it, this is a rose pink toned lipgloss and it actually works really well with 'Soar' lip liner, it really does make your lips look really full and plumped looking, it smells incredible, and also is really long lasting

I am starting to build up my MAC eyeshadows and since I needed to spend another £2.50 for free delivery on the MAC website, or pay just under £4 for delivery, I thought it would be much better to actually buy something else as it still saved me money, so I decided to just by this palette insert as I will eventually buy the whole pro palette and keep adding new eyeshadows to it

I am really happy with everything I bought and MAC never seem to let me down!

What are you must-haves or staples from MAC?

Love, Chantelle