Thursday, 19 February 2015

Zoeva Rose Golden Luxe Set

I have been wanting to buy these brushes for a long time now, and I could never bring myself to spend that much money all in one go for brushes, but I told myself in the long run, this was a really good deal, as from working it out, for them being £56.95, splitting the price between each brush would make them around £7 each, also you get a good quality large brush bag. I do think these brushes are a real bargain, because they are such high quality!

So this set contains 8 brushes including..
Face -
106 Powder Brush
102 Silk Finish Brush
110 Face Shape Brush
127 Luxe Sheer Cheek Brush
142 Concealer Buffer Brush

Eyes -
227 Soft Definer Brush
231 Petite Crease Brush
317 Wing Liner Brush

I have used almost all of the brushes and I am really impressed with them, I have a couple of the Zoeva brushes from her original line, and I really love them. They are really soft and make putting on makeup and blending it out really easy, I do think they are comparable to more high end brushes such as Sigma, and MAC as they have the quality of high end brushes, the handles feel really sturdy, and the brushes have a little weight to them to make them easier to handle, this also makes them feel high quality, also the bristles are all in-line perfectly, and I can say none of the brushes has shred not one hair.

I highly recommend everyone to try either this luxury set of brushes out or even just a few from the original line, as they could even be better quality than MAC and Sigma and are very comparable to them

You can buy these brushes from, BeautyBay, Love-Makeup & Zoeva

Do you own any Zoeva Brushes?

Love, Chantelle