Monday, 16 February 2015

Love, Tanya Book By Tanya Burr

Most of you will know who Tanya Burr is, a popular beauty, fashion and lifestyle vlogger and YouTuber, she has her own beauty line which includes lipglosses, nail polishes and false eyelashes, and I love them all and own quite a lot of them myself, she recently brought out this book for her friends, family and viewers to all enjoy and thought I would give my thoughts on the book

In this book there are a wide range of different categories which cover pretty much everything, I really love this book as it's not a ordinary story fiction book, but a book all about Tanya. The book includes topics such as her growing up, skincare, makeup, nails, hair, fashion, love, life, baking and recipes, confidence and happiness, YouTube and looking forwards, also at the very end an 'Ask Tanya' which includes some of her viewers asking her questions and she has wrote her answers to.

She also dedicates a part of the book to anxiety as this has played a big part in her life and she also knows that a lot of her viewers and fiends also suffer with this too, so she gives really good tips and tricks to help, and also shares her experience with it, which I can see would of been very difficult to talk about.

I love the whole book as it gives an insight into Tanya's life which people never knew about, but also because in each category/chapter, she gives her top 10 tips and tricks, and for skincare and makeup, she lists her top products which a lot of people, including me was really interested to know! My favourite sections are.. Growing up, Skincare, makeup and fashion but all chapters are interesting and really fun to read!

I am really proud to see how far Tanya has got as I have been watching her YouTube for a very long time and this book has to be the best book I have ever read, so if even if you don't know Tanya, after this book you will fall in love with her like everyone else!

You can buy her book from Amazon, Waterstones & WH Smith, also the Penguin website will show you all the places you can pick this book up from!

Have you read this book yet?

Love, Chantelle