Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Lush Cosmetics Haul

Recently I made a trip to Lush with a few other Bloggers to get a sneak preview of the Easter Collection, and we kindly got given three different products from that collection to take home and try out for ourselves, I also bought a few other things whilst we was already there which I wanted to get, and the others are from ordering online as I just couldn't resist as I am a fan of Lush!

I really do love this product, because they smell really fresh, they turn your bath bright orange, they are reusable, and you get three of them! What's not to love about these? They definitely have that spring smell to them, a fresh and uplifting scent, great to use in the mornings to refresh you for the day ahead, you can get quite a lot of uses out of these as just swirling them into your bath a few times creates a lot of bubbles, and to say you get three bubble bars, these will last you a long time! 

I was really unsure about this scent, as it's a particular scent which I don't think everyone will love, but again with the spring scent theme, it does have that refreshing feel to it, but it is a lot stronger in scent than the last product, but what I do find really fun about it, is that it contains green popping candy! This is a new edition to Lush Easter this year, and I do feel like it's a good one

This bath bomb does seem really pricey, but, if you just look at how big it is, and it is two bath bombs in one, you simply crack open the bath bomb and you'll find another little surprise to use for your next bath, this one is more of a sweeter scent, but still refreshing and keeping with the spring theme

Since I didn't get these when I went to the event, and these where the ones I wanted the most, I couldn't stop myself going online and ordering them, but I only got two along with some other bits, but this scent is my favourite type of scent, a sweet honey/toffee scent, it does look a little scary with how much glitter is on it, and it does get everywhere, but I used it in the bath and I didn't come out looking like a disco ball, I just had a slight shimmer on me which I'm fine with! Since this is a bath melt as well as a bath bomb, it releases beneficial oils into the bath which makes the water really soft and silky and your skin feel and smell amazing

This is something I picked up in the shop along with the next two things, as I've wanted some soft of spray for my face which is really refeshing, and add the moisture into my skin which I need, I know this is a toner, but I do like to spray this over my makeup to refresh myself and it doesn't effect my makeup as I just use one spritz and hold it a good distance away

I have long hair and I don't have any layers, so my hair can weigh itself down and I don't get much volume in my hair at all which I need as I have a small head, so I thought I'd try out this shampoo as it is suppose to add volume into your hair, it contains sea salt particles which helps add volume and texture to your hair, also my hair is very prone to knots I thought this would dry my hair out and make it extremely hard to brush as it is when you get out of the sea water, but it contains oils which helps prevent knots, my hair is never knot free but this shampoo doesn't add to the knots at all, and I really love the smell

I've wanted to try this bubbleroon for a while but I just never got round to buying it, it doesn't look very fun but it's meant to be very beneficial to your skin, containing lots of oils to make your skin silky soft, so if I feel like my skin just needs a good moisturise in the bath without using lots of different colours and glitters from other Lush products, I'll just use this

This was one of the first Lush products I used which came in a big gift box for Christmas a while back as my first Lush try out. I don't remember it smelling so cinnamony once it dissolved in the bath which is what I got when I used this the other day, but I don't mind! Also another nice surprise is that it contains chunks of cocoa butter in the bath bomb which dissolve into your water which are really great for your skin

This and Twilight bath bomb is what I ordered online along with the two golden eggs, as I thought it wasn't worth only buying two things to pay for £4 delivery, and I have wanted to try this for a while so this was the perfect opportunity as I didn't really want anything else, I really love this scent, of course it's a honey scent, the same scent as 'shoot for the stars' which comes out at Christmas, and I seriously love that one, so I know I'll love this

Have you bought anything from Lush recently?

Love. Chantelle