Wednesday, 22 October 2014

LUSH HAUL! (Christmas & Halloween) 2014

I have been so excited and waiting for so long this month to take a trip to Lush, and it finally happened! I picked up the majority of the Christmas range and all of the Halloween products as there was only a few of them! Starting of with the Halloween collection.. 

A hint of rose jam scent, turns your bath golden full with glitter, to represent bonfire night

Purple firework shape with hidden blue and yellow/green colours which shoot out around your bath to give a firework display, smells fresh and floral with Ylang Ylang

Sweet slightly fruity scent with a golden glitter coating giving you a gorgeous pumpkin glitter orange bath

A tiny hint of spice but very subtle, leaves your bath red!

Wizard Bubble Bar £3.25  -
A hint of subtle spice giving you a deep purple bath, he also has a slight silver glitter coating on him!

This one isn't sweet but still has a hint of marzipan to it, and she has a lovely gold coating on the bath of her

This one I think is more of a fresh scent, and he's definitely one of the cutest!

Gold Fun £5 -
Very sweet, toffee and buttercream are what bests describes this one! You can use this on your body, hair, clothes and just as a bubble bar!

He smells quite floraly but definitely not overpowering! Again more of a fresh scent..

Snow Fairy Shower Gel 250g £7.50-
Sweet fruity scent, personally I think it smells like candy floss! Everyone's favourite if you're a Lush person

Hot Toddy Shower Gel 100g £3.95 -
Very spicy, Christmassy scent again, I also get a slight hint of chocolate to this one! I actually one use this in the bath and it leaves your bath glittery with a subtle red shade..

He has only a slight scent to him, like a light fragrance of vanilla and cocoa butter and exposes little pieces of cocoa butter

Similar scent to Hot Toddy, very cinnamony  with real chocolate eyes and buttons!

The smell of snow fairy! Sweet like candy! He leaves your bath a very Christmassy green

A sweet spice smell with popping candy! Very relaxing

This one is definitely the freshest smelling one, almost like fresh washing or cotton!

A fruity floral scent, definitely the most exciting one leaving your bath hot pink with island of blue, yellow and green

Very citrusy, like lemons! with a gorgeous layer of silver glitter and a hidden pop of blue inside

This one is another citrus scent with hidden mini bath bombs inside to actually represent a present as they also rattle when you shake it, leaves your bath a deep blue

Very spicy, Christmassy scent (my personal favourite), silver glitter coating with a holly on top, a very vibrant green inside

What are your picks from Lush this Halloween/Christmas?

Love, Chantelle