Monday, 27 October 2014

October Favourites

This month I haven't been loving anything different from the past couple of months so it was quite difficult to come up with a favourites post and also the reason why I haven't included many thing into the post as well..

A huge, and the main thing which has been my October favourites is Lush! I only ever really get into Lush around Christmas and Halloween time when there collection for it comes out, some of these should definitely be permanent.. But I only included 2 things from the range because I literally love all of them..

Snow Fairy Shower Gel
This is the most popular product from Lush around this time of the year, it has the most amazing scent of candy floss! I personally use this in my bath to create lots of bubbles and makes the whole bathroom smell heavenly, it also has tiny glitter reflecting particles in it too! You have to smell this product to know what the hype is about

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar
This is a bubble bar which you crumble underneath running water in your bath which creates lots and lots of bubbles! This also has the scent of Snow Fairy so these two compliment each other so well, I think I love their festive range so much because of how pretty they are! This one is a mountain of pink and white/silver lustre swirls and dots and it makes having a bath so much more interesting and smelling amazing

Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Toner
This is sort of a rediscovery as I bought this for myself on my birthday in July and used it almost every day because of how it says its brightening and gently exfoliates the skin, I don't think I realised what a big difference it made and I was running out of it very quickly so I just stopped using it to save it as it isn't cheap, then I recently used it and saw what an amazing difference it made after not using it for ages, it just makes your skin amazingly silky smooth and you can really feel your skin is clean and fresh after using it

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick 'Pink Quartz'
I have loved this product from day one of buying it, I find it's my perfect highlighter, it's not shimmery of glittery, it just gives you that glow where you want it, I use it with a duo fibre brush on my cheek bones and down my nose, then use the excess everywhere else, if you use too much of this product it can come off too pink and look quite strange on your cheek bones as it is a pink highlighter, if you're lighter than tanned skin then you must only use a small amount, but if you're darker than tanned you can go crazy!

Mac Lipstick 'Rebel'
This might just be my staple berry lip for Autumn/Winter, it looks very scary in the lipstick but once applied it comes off lighter and more berry toned, this I find compliments my tanned skin as do all berry/plum shades, it smells like vanilla and literally lasts all day! Once the lipstick rubs off your lips you're left with a rose tint

I also did a post on my very huge lush haul here!

What's your monthly favourites?

Love. Chantelle