Monday, 19 October 2015

Little Festive Beauty Haul

I recently went to Leeds for a weekend away, one of the main reasons I wanted to go was for the shops! I was in need of a shopping spree and I made beauty purchases as well as clothing purchases, I didn't get as much as I wanted because it was so so busy and I didn't want to stay in the same shop for too long, but here's what I did manage to pick up...

I didn't buy everything in this bowl full of Lush, I've just placed them with the other Christmas and Halloween products I already had.

This is one of my favourite seasonal bath bombs from Lush for the scent, it's not strong in the sweet or spicy category, but does have that warm, slightly sweet scent to it and this is part of their Halloween collection. This contains shea butter which melts into your bath water as it fizzes away, and also gives off swirling red/pink shoots of colour through your bath, along with popping candy!

This is a very simple bath bomb which is new this year, has a white coating with a sheet of glitter covering it, and inside holds a pop of blue which turns your bath a milky blue. This one smells like pure vanilla, but not the sweet sickly vanilla

This is my favourite Christmas bath bomb from lush as the scent is right up my ally, it's sweet but nt sickly or strong sweet like snow fairy, it's more soft and warm. This shoots out colours of blue and yellow, also a silver glitter flow through them all, this one is a very fun one to watch and I find it very relaxing and festive

This is a new and a very exciting bath bomb for me which they've brought out, going in hand with the classic Yog Nog soap, they've brought it out in a bath bomb form! I loved the smell of the soap, being a sweet toffee scent, but I never lean towards using bar of soaps, so when I saw this I just had to have it

Another new addition, a wand which you swirl in your bath to create bubbles! This has a warm and cinnamon scent with an actual cinnamon stick for the handle! Very eye catching and can imagine would create a festive gold bath with lots of sparkles and bubbles.

Moving onto the makeup side of this haul, I did only pick up three things, one because I was shopping with my boyfriend and I didn't think he would appreciate me indulging in the makeup for hours, and two because of how busy it was in the makeup shopping area, you could hardly move and I couldn't stay in there for long, but I did get some goodies..  

I love cream products and I always stay away from blush as it does scare me a little, but I've always loved the look of this product, and when I saw it I thought why not just get it. It's a cream blush in a subtle pink shade with a gold glitter sheen to it which I think will be perfect for the season

I didn't mean to get two cream blushers as it was so crazy in there I wasn't thinking and just picked up some things I remembered that I wanted. This is a neutral pink cream blush which I thought would be good for me as it's a subtle shade and also in a cream form

This wasn't much of an exciting purchase but it was something I needed as I had ran out and it is my go-to lipstick, I try and change up my lipstick but I always come back to this one as it's the perfect nude for me and goes with everything

Love, Chantelle