Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Autumn Makeup

Autumn is my favourite time of the year because I get to wear the kind of makeup which I love, meaning dark lips and dark eye shadows, darker shades suit my skin tone more so that's why I prefer it! The Autumn trends for makeup don't change much, it's always a darker lip whether it being reds or plum shades. the eye shadows are always warm and brown tone shades and the looks are more vampy.

 I always keep my makeup simple as I don't like to wear too much of it, so there's only a few things I change up in my makeup routine for Autumn..

I mixed the shade Deauville and 52 Vanilla together to create the perfect shade for my skin, the Nars one is a little too pink so the Bourjois foundation helps counteract that as it has a good yellow undertone. These two foundations together give a flawless satin finish to the skin. You also only need a small amount of the Nars foundation as a little goes a long way

I love using this shimmer brick as I don't often go to wear blush and I prefer just wearing highlighter, and since this highlighter is in a rose shade, it highlights the cheekbones as well as giving a flush of colour to the skin, almost acting like a highlighter and blusher in one

In this palette I only used the end darkest shade to fill in my brows, but this palette is also very versatile to create either simple or smoky eye looks like 5 matte shades and one slightly shimmery highlight shade

In this palette I only used the bronzer to sweep over my eyes as an eyeshadow, the bronzer shade is warm with a slight shimmer to it which makes it really pretty to use on the eyes, I also used it on my bottom lashline

I applied both mascaras to my top and bottom lashes to create a really full lash look. I used the brow drama to comb and set my brows in place before filling them in, it also helps to fill them in a little beforehand, which makes me use less product to fill them in, keeping them more natural looking. Finally the powder was used to set my under-eye concealer as it has a brightening factor about it with light reflecting particles in it 

Finally for the lips, which I think is the staple for an Autumn look, I used MAC Twig which is a mauve brown toned plum, quite matte but still moisturising on the lips

Love, Chantelle