Sunday, 28 December 2014

Tanya Burr Cosmetics | Nail Polishes

Tanya Burr is my favourite YouTuber and I have watched her for a long time, and when she came out with her own products I was straight in there to get a few, I have only 2 of her lipglosses, but that's because I have more focused on collecting her nail polish range, and then look into purchasing more of her lipglosses, but she brought out so many unique and beautiful shades in nail polishes, and I knew I would get more wear out of them ...

L-R: Dark Magic (Exclusive to trio set 1), Riding Hood, Mischief Managed, Penguin Chic, Bright & Early, Peaches & Cream, Mini Marshmellows, Fairy Tale (Exclusive to trio set 1).

All of her nail polishes are opaque in colour, apply so easily and don't chip as easy as a lot of other nail polishes do, well done Tanya! I only have 4 shades missing from my collection which will be added very soon! You can buy these from Feel Unique and Superdrug, where they always have offers on! The polishes on Feel Unique are £1 of the original price being £5.99, and they're £3.99 in Superdrug so it is definitely worth grabbing some!

This polish is exclusive to the trio set 1, which also comes with another exclusive called Fairy Tale, and a permanent polish from her range, Mini Marshmellows. This is a pure opaque black, you only need one coat for an opaque coat of black

This is a deep ox blood red, perfect winter shade! This is a staple winter shade as it's a colour which compliments all skin colours

A pure bright red, no orange or pink undertones which I love, it's a classic Maralyn bold red, perfect for the special ocassions and the red carpet looks

In the bottle this shade does look very dull, but on the nails it looks very chic, it was originally meant to be called 'Penguin Chick' as it is a very baby penguin type colour like there fur coat, but it ended up being called chic but it is a chic colour so either name suits it perfectly

This would be a perfect shade for summer, it's a bright pink/coral shade which really compliments a tan

My second favourite shade from them all, it really compliments my tanned olive skin tone, as it not a super light nude shade which can look very strange on me, but this is the perfect nude, it's a creamy peach shade which will match any makeup look, outfit, or occasion, very versatile 

This is a candy floss pink shade, but it doesn't come out very opaque on the nails, it's quite sheer which I love because I feel if it was opaque it would be too bold and look strange on me, you can add more layers to how opaque you want it, and 2 coats is perfect for me

This is the second exclusive shade in the trio set 1 for Christmas and you can't buy it separately, it's basically a clear polish with tons of pink glitters in, big glitters and small, it looks amazing over Dark Magic which also comes in the set, amazing for night time nails

What's your favourite shade out of the collection?

Love, Chantelle