Wednesday, 3 December 2014

November Favourites

This November favourites includes some rediscoveries of products I used to love, then I left them hidden away for a while, and recently pulled them back out and I have been loving them all over again..

This is the most expensive foundation I own, and I always seem to lean towards this foundation the most, firstly of course it has the most sleek foundation bottle I've ever seen, but the foundation itself has all that I want in a foundation, it has a glowing finish, so it would be great for dry to normal skin, it seems to blend so well into the skin it doesn't give that foundation look, it sinks in wonderfully making it look almost like your own skin, as well as because the colour match is perfect.. I only really have one problem with this foundation, and that's because its so dewy and glowy, it doesn't set on its own, it definitely needs to be set by a powder, which I hate using powder and try not to set it, but it'll feel very tacky on your face and hair will stick to your face if you don't, but overall this is my favourite foundation

After seeing TV adverts, Bloggers and YouTubers rave about this fragrance, I had to pick it up, and I love it! it's a very different scent to the original opium scents so you wouldn't think it would even belong within that range, this is a sweet perfume but it has that musky sexiness to it as well, it's all I've been wearing since I got it, it's definitely one I would recommend to the girls who love that sweet but sexy scent, and of course the packing is gorgeous!

This is definitely amazing for Christmas time and the party seasons, it's a really hydrating body lotion with pink and champagne shimmers all through it, it gives the most amazing glow to your skin, and it leaves your skin smelling of the Soap and Glory scent, this would be a great gift for any girl

As soon as the Christmas products at Lush came out, I became fully obsessed with it all, of course I picked up the majority of the festive range, and how could I not include at least on of their products? This is one of their limited edition shower gels which is only around for Christmas, but my gosh, the smell is heavenly, it smells exactly like what the name says, it smells like roses but not fresh roses, in a jam form! imagine having jam in rose flavour, it's a very sweet smell and it's become one of my favourites to use

I'm not going to lie, when I first bought this I was pretty disappointed, I was expecting it to be really pigmented, but now I actually really love it, it's basically a lipstick in a squeeze tube, with a fabric applicator which feels lovely on the lips, it's a sheer tint lipgloss and it gives the most amazing effect on the lips, it looks so natural but there's something about it which looks amazing, it has a beautiful shine and you can't feel it on your lips at all, none sticky but it's not going to slide around, it's very long wearing, also it has the most amazing sweet vanilla scent to it! I would definitely like more shades

Clinique Chubby Stick Cheek Colour Balm 04 Plumped Up Peony £19

I'm never usually good at wearing blush, I have red marks on my cheeks from picking at my face in the past, and I find blush always brings them out and shows them, but I must admit, this blush is amazing, I'm not into powder products, I'm more of a cream/lipquid girl, I'm all about that natural glowing effect, and this cream blush is perfect for me, I find dark purple rose shades suit me the most, and this blush is just that! It blends in so naturally on the cheeks, I like to blend it out using my foundation brush, but you can use your fingers, also it doesn't feel wet on the cheeks, it does set!

If I see anything super festive and Christmassy, no matter what it is, I need to have it, and these 2 limited edition nail polishes which Barry M have brought out this year are just perfect, they both contain which looks like tinsel, stars, big glitter, little glitter and confetti, Christmas Tree contains greens, reds golds and silvers, and Jingle Bells contains golds, silvers and reds, these are gorgeous over a nail polish shade or by themselves, I would recommend everyone to pick these up! They're also such a great price

Now, can we all just take a moment to appreciate this shade, it's a gorgeous champagne yellow toned gold, it's jam-packed with glitter so with just one coat your nail is fully covered, which is amazing, and it does have that rough texture, but if you don't like that, you can easily go over it with a top coat and that will smooth it out, they have some other shades which I am really wanting to get, they're just all gorgeous and I'm obsessed, it is amazing for Christmas

That's my November favourites, what have you been loving in November?

Love, Chantelle