Monday, 8 December 2014

Luxury High-End Makeup Haul

Because it's the month of Christmas, many of us don't get the chance to treat ourselves from getting caught up in spending lots of money on Christmas presents on other people, which I love doing personally, but I also thing we all need a treat once in a while, and since I finished my Christmas shopping, this was my treat to myself for getting it all finished early, having it wrapped and given to the people it is for! So I was very excited to pick these 4 things up as I have wanted them all for a long time now..

This might be the most beautiful mascara I have ever seen, I probably paid a fair amount of the price just for the packaging, but it is so beautiful and unique, ill have to accept that! A rose is my favourite flower and this mascara has a 3D rose inside the lid of the mascara, so effective and eye-catching, then the mascara wand itself is bent, and looks so hard to use, but it is much easier than a normal mascara wand. It lifts my eyelashes so much and makes my eyes more open looking and it keeps that curl all day long, it's volumising, separating and lengthening, I am in love! 

This is also a very luxury looking product, you can't go wrong with gold! this concealer can be used as a concealer and a highlighting pen, I personally use it for both, it has a really good brightening effect with a medium coverage, I have really bad under eyes and this just bounces off light under my eyes reflecting brightness and contracting the dark, this shade is perfect for fair to medium skin tones, it is an ivory shade so it has a bit of pink and yellow undertone to it, which makes it perfect for concealing under eyes

This concealer is more full on than the YSL one, although this concealer is also great for concealing and highlighting and the same time, this concealer has a medium to full coverage and you only need the tiniest amount to cover everything you need it to so it will last a very long time, however like most people who have this concealer will agree the pump is not that great, it always pumps out way too much as the pump is so stiff if you're not careful, it feels very lightweight and creamy, very easy to blend and so far I like it!

Ever since I have watched Tanya Burr on YouTube for years and see her use this lipstick a fair few times, I have wanted it for so long but never brought myself to buy it, but eventually I caved in and I do not regret, I love Mac lipsticks as you have a range of different finishes and so many shades to choose from, this one is a mauve brown nude shade, I think would match any skin colour and tone and also any makeup look, it is such a versatile lipstick shade, the finish is a lustre, which means it is not full on pigmented but has just the right amount of pigment, and has a lovely moisturising finish to it

What luxury products have you been eyeing up lately?

Love, Chantelle