Friday, 12 December 2014

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation Review

This is my favourite foundation at the moment, and a few people have asked me what the foundation is like, so I thought I would do a mini review on it!

It is quite expensive for a foundation at £35.50 and I did hesitate to buy it and first but now I'm in love, it makes me skin look really healthy, it gives my skin a gorgeous glow to it and it blends in so easily, you can blend this foundation in using any kind of brush you want, or just use your fingers and you'll get a flawless finish. It has a medium to a buildable coverage, it managed to cover up all of my imperfections so easily, it hides scars, marks and any redness I have..

I have the shade 4, which is the perfect match for me, it may seem a little light on my hand, but your hands are always darker than your face, it is a yellow undertoned foundation shade with only a slight peach tone to it which is not noticeable on the face at all, but that peach tone is what makes your skin look luminous and healthy..

I give this foundation a 9/10, because the foundation doesn't really set, I find it is too glowy to set itself so you would need to set this foundation with a powder or it'll feel slightly sticky on your face, and like me, my hair sticks to it! 

This is all I look for in a foundation, a really good colour match which looks like your own skin on your face not a layer of foundation, something which makes your skin glowing and healthy looking, and something which is so easy to blend, and that foundation is all of this!

I do think this foundation can be compared to the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, although it isn't as thick as that foundation, and this one looks like your own skin rather than a foundation, but still had that medium coverage

What is your favourite foundation?

Love, Chantelle