Monday, 15 December 2014

Glowing Skin For Parties/Christmas

I think Christmas time is the time we can all go out there with the way we look, and I think shimmer and glitter is definitely Christmassy, so these products are what I love to use either for parties and also for Christmas to look amazing and festive, also moisturised but in a glamorous way..

This is my favourite lotion to use out of them all, I love the smell of Soap and Glory products so this one is something I like to use alot, it has that classic scent of theirs, and also keeps you really moisturised and gives your skin a gorgeous glow, it's a pink toned lotion with tiny little pink and champagne shimmers running through it, it doesn't show up pink on your skin, it is very subtle on the skin and leaves your skin smelling amazing

This one I'm not crazy over the smell, I mean it's not a bad smell but it could smell a little nicer, it has a fruity cranberry scent to it which is lovely but I am a sweet musky scent kind of person. This lotion is also pink toned but very pale pink with lots of silver glitters running through it, when you apply this your skin is left with lots of small silver glitters and also bigger glitter chunks too, it is quite full on so I would only wear it for parties and night time where it isn't as noticeable, this does leave your skin moisturised also so it is a great product

This is amazing for all of you Lush lovers out there, it has the classic Snow Fairy scent to it, and this one out of them all is a little thicker so you don't need much, all you do is rub it over your skin and it melts when it touches the warmth of your skin so it glides and you only need one swipe down each arm to have them covered, underneath the pink coating is a white inside which includes tiny silver glitters and shimmers in it, it's not as full on as the Body Shop one, but is more glitter and shimmery than the Soap and Glory one, I do think this one is great for gifts as well

L-R: The Body Shop, Soap And Glory, Lush

What's your favourite body product to wear to parties and Christmas?

Love, Chantelle