Friday, 14 November 2014

Christmas Haul!

I am in a very festive mood right now, I've had a very chilled day wrapping presents playing lots of traditional Christmas songs, I've also been loving Michael Buble's Christmas album!

Anything I have bought recently is just Christmas related so I thought I would put up a Christmas haul, this haul will excite people who are very into Lush and Yankee Candles like me!

Yankee Candle 'Christmas Memories' & 'Cinnamon Stick'

Christmas Memories is a Christmas addition Yankee Candle to their collection, it's not a new one this year but it has to be one of my favourites, it smells of vanilla and ginger, so you get that sweet and spicy scent at the same time. Cinnamon Stick isn't in the Christmas collection and is available all year round, also isn't a new candle but Ccnnamon is my favourite scent for Christmas, along with ginger, anything with these scent I have to have, this candle is a standard cinnamon spicy, warm scent.

This little guy is a bubble bar which you crumble underneath running water to create amazing bubbles, he's very fresh smelling and citrussy but it's not overpowering at all, unlike most bubble bars he has a moisturising melty texture to him, so you can tell he will make your water very silky with oils to really hydrate your skin, he's like a bubble bar and bath melt in one! A bath melt is a lush product which you just plonk into your bath and watch it melt away, doesn't great bubbles but they just make the water very silky and moisturising which is really beneficial for your skin.

This massage bar melts when you touch it with the warmth of your skin, it's almost like a hard oil as it really moisturises your skin, it may look hard to use but once it touches your skin it just melts and glides over your skin, it has little glitter particles which do transfer onto your skin, hence the name, so if you're not into glitter and shimmer this might not be for you, but of course it has the snow fairy scent, but I find if I smell it too much it can get sickly.. 

If any of you lush addicts are familiar with the 'Sparkler' bath bomb and love the scent like me, you will love this shower gel as it smells just like it! It's a sweet scent of rose, but not the fresh rose scents you might think of, because this has jam in the name, it means that it's a sweet version of rose scents, basically just like the sweetness of actual jam!

This body lotion is for all of your citrus lovers, it has a strong scent of orange, which I really don't like, but the lotion itself is just amazing, it makes your skin so glowing and moisturised with only using a tiny amount, and for that reason I can stand to use it as it's magical

Christmas Light Up Picture
This is from my local garden centre (Brigg, UK) if any of you are local, there was so many different ones it took my mum and I so long to choose, but I decided on this one, it's basically just a Christmas picture but it lights up! Very traditional and I love it, it looks amazing in the dark with no other lights on

Fawn Wrapping Paper 
This has to be my favourite wrapping paper I have seen ever, I have never been obsessed with fawns but when I saw this I just had to have it, it's basically mini fawns all over the paper and they're dressed in a Santa hat and coat! They also have matching labels! This wrapping paper is from Asda (UK), but isn't on their website!

What have you been buying for Christmas?

Love, Chantelle