Monday, 29 September 2014

September Favourites

Yet again another month has just flown by, and I still love a lot of things which I have been loving for the past few months, but this month there has been a couple of new additions which I have absolutely loving and I am so excited to share them with you! So lets get straight into it..

Makeup favourites -

This really isn't much of a new addition to my makeup but it's just a really good foundation and I have been leaning to this foundation the most this month, I would say it's very similar to Nars Sheer Glow which is my all time favourite foundation, but this is less a heavy more natural version, it gives a subtle glow to the skin and glides on perfectly and it seems to last very well on me! It gives a medium to a buildable full coverage and I just think every girl needs this in their life

These lip butters are amazing, they aren't as drying or full on as a lipstick, but definitely not sheer like a lipgloss, they give a lovely subtle sheen to the lips and they have so much pigmentation! I always lean to these as they're so moisturising and more wearable. The colours I have are 'Sugar Plum' and 'Pink Truffle', these shades are perfect for Autumn/Winter

This is my first Mac blush and I'm pleased I got this shade, it's a blue toned pink, perfect for the colder months. These blushers blend very easily and have amazing pigmentation

I am very late with this makeup hype, but I only bought it this month and have been in love with it so much, the colours are just my kind of shades, they're all shimmery and buttery with two matte shades, both crease shades, one more light and natural and more of a warm brown tone, the shades I have been loving the most are Sidecar, Smog and Toasted

L - R:  Revlon Lip Butters 'Pink Truffle', 'Sugar Plum', Mac Blush 'Dame'

Beauty favourites -

I've never really talked about this brush from their line but it is my most used brush out of my brush collection, I can't go a makeup day without using it, it's literally the perfect size for everything for your base makeup, I love using it for my bronzer everyday, it blends it on so nicely and I find it's the right size for me, I also use it for powder and blush if I'm wearing any of them for that day, I don't like to powder everyday as I like a dewy glowing look, this brush is so affordable and super super soft! Unfortunately you can't buy it alone as it only comes in a set

Next Fragranced Body Spritz 'Cashmere'  -
This is a completely different discovery for me, I would never go to Next if I wanted a body mist, but I was in Next with my mum as she had some vouchers to spend there and we never go there, then I came across all of their fragrances and they have a good range! This one is what caught my attention the most, it's a new scent which I have realised I love lately, it's a more woman scent, quite musky, not fruity at all, it's very elegant smelling, it reminds me of Estee Lauder 'Senuous' perfume which I recently discovered, at first this type of scent was so different to me I thought 'oh gosh, no', but after having a few more smells of it, I have fallen in love! 

This is my top product in my skincare routine now, I love all things which make my skincare easy, this you use on a cotton pad on your eyes, lips and face makeup to remove it all, and my gosh, does it remove it! It's so effective and removes all of my makeup so easily, it has no smell and doesn't hurt when I accidentally get some in my eyes, basically just water!

Non Beauty Favourites -

Finally, to the last few favourites of this month..

Primark two set polka dot hair scrunchies -
If you didn't know I work at primark, which means I spend my working days with all of their products, which is not good for my bank when I see a lot of things I want, luckily I work upstairs away from the women's wear, shoes and accessories but I did see these when browsing on my day off with my mum, and I thought they where Autumn/Winter perfect, if you don't already know, I love berry, plum and burgundy shades for the colder months, so these where essential for me, especially that I have to have my hair up for work! They just make it look more cuter!

Friends -
Last but certainly not least, the friends box set has been my best friend these past few months, I've officially seen every episode and I am currently watching them all over again! It's my favourite programme, and I cry a little when I watch the last ever episode, but I love how everyone can somehow in some way relate to it as it's based on a group of friends and their everyday lifestyles, it's so incredibly funny and is a great way to cheer you up, if you haven't seen friends before, why are you still reading my blog and not downloading it onto your computer or laptop!? Also, rumour has it, there is going to be a reunion episode!? If you know anything about this please please please let me know more details!

This was a much longer favourites than I expected! Congrats to everyone who managed to read this all!

What's your favourites this month?

Love, Chantelle