Friday, 26 September 2014

Autumn/Fall Makeup Look

I can now officially put up my take on my Autumn/Fall makeup look as Autumn is officially here! Autumn/Winter are both my favourite seasons of the year so I am so excited to share this look with you. This is a really simple, quick and easy makeup which I will be wearing a lot of this Autumn and I think this look screams out Autumn! I never like using lots and lots of makeup products for a makeup look and I don't like spending hours on my makeup as I don't usually have the time! So this is my take on the perfect Autumn/Fall makeup look..

This foundation gives a medium to a buildable full coverage, it also gives a lovely natural glowing finish, not dewy or matte, it just gives a healthy skin look which I love! I like to apply mine with a beauty blender

 (This is the old shade! I'll link an alternative shade) 
This concealer shade is has a pink undertone which is great for using under the eyes to cancel out the dark grey, blue and purple, it has a lovely natural finish, not very matte and powder or super dewy, it also gives a really great medium to full coverage

I love this shade as it's a very cool toned shade, almost like a grey undertone, this is great for people with dark haired brows which are black or an off black, or even grey! It took me a long time to find the perfect brow product as a lot of them just turned out very warm brown toned and never match my brow hairs, I love the angled shape to the pencil also which makes it very easy to apply, it also comes with a brow brush and a sharpener for the pencil at the other end

This is a very subtle bronzer shade, great for light to medium skin tones, it has a slight warm undertone which makes the bronzer look very natural on the skin making it look like it is your natural tan that you've caught from the sun. To make bronzer look like your natural tan make sure you use a bronzer with a warm undertone rather than a brown or golden undertone, also making sure the bronzer is only a few shades darker than your natural skin colour or your foundation colour

This is a perfect shade for Autumn as it's a lovely dark gold shade with a slight warm undertone to it, sort of representing the leaves colours! I just applied this all over my lid and under my lower lash line

This mascara is great for making your eyelashes super long and full, I applied two coats to make my eyelashes super long and full looking, but you can apply just one if you prefer a natural eyelash look, which I do sometimes go for, depending on my mood, it also makes your lashes very jet black!

This lipstick is what pulls the look all together, if you know me or have read some of my other posts, you'll know my favourite shade for Autumn/Winter is berry/plum shades, I apply this lipstick over the top of a lip balm and I apply it using a lip brush, this makes the lipstick less intense and makes this shade more of a berry/plum shade, as when you use it normally and intense it comes of as a dark purple, which is lovely but I'm not that daring!

I would love to know what your Autumn/Fall makeup look is and what colours you like to use..

Love, Chantelle