Wednesday, 1 October 2014

10 things I love about Autumn/Winter

Hello October! Of course because it's the 1st of October I had to dedicate this post to this month of being Autumn! 

I really wanted to do a blog post all on Autumn and Winter, so I thought, why not share what I love the most about this time of year? So these are my top 10 things I love about these seasons that you don't usually get to do in Summer! Autumn and Winter are definitely my favourite months!

1. Dark berry, plum and green shades
These are my favourite colours for the Autumn time, I love wearing in in clothes, makeup, accessories.. Everything! I usually like to wear dark skater and mini skirts, also dark dresses with tights and ankle boots with a big warm coat!

2. Knitwear
Every girl needs some sort of knitwear in their wardrobe at this time of year, my favourite knitwear to have is cosy jumpers, I love any jumpers which are normal length in different colours such as creams and of course the berry colour! A bit of sparkle on the jumpers never harmed anyone either..

3. Hot drinks 
This is the time to take advantage of the hot chocolates, late's, coffees, teas.. All of them! I personally love the Christmas/Halloween drinks which places such as Costa and Starbucks bring out, hazelnut latte's, eggnog, caramel hot chocolates..

4. Festive foods
It's always great to bake at any time of the year, but doing it for Halloween and Christmas, you get to play around with it more making it festive! Halloween cupcakes, Christmas cookies..

5. Yankee Candles
This is the only time of the year where I love to get Yankee Candles, I have started to finish off burning my sugared apple one, ready to buy Christmas eve and Christmas memories, my favourite scents are cranberry and cinnamon!

6. Fluffy pyjamas/Onesies
The best way to keep warm in the colder months, watching your favourite film in your warm pyjamas or onesie! I have already eyed up some festive and fluffy pyjamas in primark

7. Dark lips
The time that every girl is able to pull of a dark lip! I have a few favourite shades for this month such as Mac 'Rebel' lipstick, also 2 of my favourite shades from the Revlon lip butter range, 'Pink Truffle' and 'Sugar Plum'

8. Winter films
Any film which is based in the snow and winter I will most likely love, I love watching the classic winter films such as Santa Clause and The Holiday

9. Christmas stock
Working in Primark I get to be the first to see and put out all of the Christmas stock we get in, such as putting out the Christmas beddings and Christmas homewear (As this is my department), also they have some super cool Christmas jumpers for men, some nice classic patterned ones, some with 3D pictures on them such as snowmen, some with bells on, some that sing and even some which light up! Amazing right!

10. Dark nails
With my skin tone I always suit darker shades on my nails, so I love it when this time of the year comes around as I get to play around with my favourite dark nail polishes, mostly from Essie such as 'In Stitches' and 'Bahama Mama', maybe some golds, reds and glitter when it comes towards Christmas..

I would love to know what you love the most about this time of the year...

Love, Chantelle