Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Quick And Easy Makeup

This is the makeup I always do when I am running late, have only a short time to get ready, or my main excuse, that I just can't be bothered to apply loads of makeup in the morning..

Foundation - 
I always turn to this foundation if I need something quick and easy as I know it blends so easy and gives me a glowy dewy look which I like for everyday.

Concealer - 
I always need concealer under my eyes, but if you're lucky and you can go with just foundation then skip this step! But concealer never takes me long to do especially when I use my Beauty Blender, this makes everything blend out so quick.

Powder - 
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder 'Transparent'
I always use a transparent powder as I know it won't change the colour of my foundation and it's less noticeable on the skin, I always powder just a tiny bit under my eyes and my t-zone if I'm wearing a dewy foundation.

Mascara - 
Maybelline The Falsies 'Black Drama' -
I can't ever go out without wearing mascara if I'm wearing other makeup, I just think it opens your eyes up! This is my current favourite.

Lips -
I always need something moisturising on my lips so for the days I love this as it's really easy to apply and keeps my lips moisturised!

What's your quick and easy go-to makeup look?

Love, Chantelle