Saturday, 6 September 2014

My Top Face Brushes

Face brushes are which I use everyday, I don'y wear eyeshadow everyday so I don't use eyeshadow brushes everyday, but when I wear makeup, I always wear foundation, concealer and bronzer for my base makeup, the two things I use for everyday makeup is my Real Techniques Multi Task Brush and my Beauty Blender..

This has become a life saviour to me, I use this to apply my everyday foundation, being the 'Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation', as this sponge is amazing for blending in more liquidly products, it makes it so easy to apply with hardly any effort and blends my foundation in seamlessly, I also use this to blend in my concealer under my eyes, also my bronzer after I've put it on if I feel I have added a little too much

I use this brush to apply my bronzer for my everyday makeup, I don't always wear highlighter or powder everyday so this is what this brush is mostly used for, I find it the great size for applying bronzer on my face and it's so soft.

I use these brushes if I want to use these to blend in my foundation that day or if the foundation is too thick to blend out with my beauty blender, I also use the Real Techniques Brush when I use my Chanel cream bronzer as it applies it perfectly, then depending on the coverage I want that day, I wil use the Real Techniques Brush for a lighter coverage and the Zoeva Brush for a more flawless finish as it is much denser. Both brushes blend amazingly and are super soft!

What brushes/Sponges do you love to use for your base makeup?

Love, Chantelle