Thursday, 4 September 2014

Marc Jacobs Daisy

I am a huge perfume girl when it comes to scents, I love to smell great at all times! I love pretty much all of the Marc Jacobs perfumes, so I thought I would share with you the one I have just finished using..

This one is one of the original scents from his line, the one with the white daisy's on the lid, with gold for the middle and a golden shade perfume liquid with a clear bottle, like the majority of the other fragrances are..

I'm not really a floral kind of person when it comes to scents, but this one I have as an exception, there's just something about Marc Jacobs fragrances that I love.. I would class his line more aimed for Spring and Summer time.

I also have the body lotion in this scent which came in a gift set with this perfume, some body lotions which come in a perfume gift set sometimes smell a bit off from what the perfume actually smells like but this one smells exactly like this scent! I would even wear the body lotion alone some days as it had a great strong smell of the perfume which lasts on the skin all day, it also actually has silver glitter particles in it to make you look all shimmered up for the Summer time.

What's your favourite Summer perfume?

Love, Chantelle