Friday, 1 August 2014

July Favourites

I thought this month I would struggle to find some favourites that I've been absolutely loving, but I went shopping and found some products I really love just in time!

This is the best body moisturiser I have ever tried, one, because it is so moisturising, and two, it leaves the most amazing scent on your skin which lasts for ages! 

This is now my second favourite perfume, it has the most amazing unique fresh lady like scent, it's not a sweet fruity scent more like a really fresh scent with a tiny bit of a floral note within it, very elegant!

This is literally the best bronzer I have tried and I have tried NARS, Bourjois and they are all good but this is amazing because it's a glowy slight shimmer bronzer rather than your traditional matte, it leaves the skin bronzed and glowing making your skin look radiant! I would recommend this to everyone!

I recently bought this face mask as I needed something which could help clear up some of my imperfections, it leaves the skin so silky and smooth after, which could be down to the peppermint ingredients and also the seeds which exfoliate your skin as you remove it.

I also bought this product the same reason for buying the lush face mask, this also works similar to the face mask by clearing your pours and treating any imperfections and break outs, they both have make my skin completion much more even! Also this one smells like lemons which I love!

Super long name! But I love this BB cream, it's better than any other BB cream as it gives you more coverage, like a sheer - medium coverage but still feels light and fresh on the skin, great for hot weather. They have the best colour range as most BB creams can come across purple toned or too pink undertoned, these have a range of pink and yellow undertones! I have intensity 3.0. It also gives the most amazing glow to the skin when you use it with a brush and photographs like a dream, making your skin look luminous and highlighted. If you don't want such a dewy glow, I've found if you apply it with your fingers, it doesn't leave a glowy finish, more like a semi matte glow finish.

Lastly is a non beauty favourite, some people love them and some people hate them, I personally love them because they keep me entertained! Also they are sort of similar to scoobies if anyone remembered doing them as a 90's child? Let me know in the comments if you ever did scoobies when you where little! But it's loom bands! I just love them and I think it's a great invention, also let me know if you love or hate them down below!

What's your number one favourite for this month?

Love, Chantelle