Thursday, 28 August 2014

Autumn/Winter Haul 2014

I recently went shopping and decided it was time to start shopping for Autumn/Winter, Summer if definitely over where I live and I am so ready for the colder weather and also Christmas time of course! So I started off my Autumn/Winter shopping by paying a little visit to Meadowhall (a huge shopping mall)..

Primark Tartan Woolly Bed Cover £15 -
Firstly in the background there, is this large tartan woolly bed cover from Primark, it was a little pricey for Primark being £15, but it is so cosy and warm I literally haven't left it since I bought it, this will definitely come in handy when winter comes.

Victoria Secret Body Mist 'Sheer Love' £13 - (Ebay for UK users)
This isn't my usual scent but my boyfriend and I where just browsing through their scents and he picked out this one as his favourite so I decided to get it, there isn't one body mist from there which I don't like, they last on the skin all day and give of the most unique scents, this one is white cotton and pink lily scented, it smells very fruity, fresh and clean.

I've recently became obsessed with Essie nail polishes as they have some amazing unique shades, literally every shade! This one caught my eye as with my skin tone I suit rose, dusky, mauve shades and this one is just that, it's like a dark rose shade with a slight tint of a mauve brown, definitely a shade for Autumn,Winter! Looks great on the finger nails and toes!

I already have one of these in the shade 'Nudist', which is a great natural nude colour, this one is again for the season coming as it is basically a true plum shade with a tint of rose so it doesn't look too purple, these gloss sticks last a long time on the lips to say they do give a glossy finish, they have amazing pigmentation and do smell like vanilla. I would recommend these to everyone! Although they only have a few shades.

I am loving buying for Autumn/Winter as you can see, but it just gets me so excited as I love the Winter clothes better than the summer, also I prefer the shades like the darker rose plum shades as I find they suit me the best, also I love Christmas!

What will you be buying for this Autumn/Winter?

Love, Chantelle