Friday, 4 July 2014

My Body Mist Obsession

I honestly have a slight obsession with body mists, I don't know why I think it's just because they are cheap to buy and you can get literally any scents you want! A girl can't not own a body spray it's a must-have! What if your favourite perfume just ran out and you couldn't leave the house without spraying something nice smelling on yourself! That's when these come in handy! They are also great to spray all over before your perfume to add a unique smell.

These first 3 are from Avon as they are so cheap and they all smell so amazing and last really well on the skin and clothes.

Tahitian Holiday: This is amazing for the summer and when you're on  holiday, it has a musky coconut scent to it just like a holiday beachy smell, this one is actually like a dry oil spray so definitely great for when you're heading down to the beach! Described as an Island musk scent.

Caribbean Paradise: This is a lovely fruity flower scent, very fresh and great for the day wear, it reminds me of the notes in the Marc Jacobs Daisy original perfume with that fresh fruit flower scent.

Riviera Goddess: This one is more elegant and more of a young woman scent, it's quite strong so you wouldn't need much, I can't explain the smell of this but I can smell some sweet flower scents in there but this is mainly a musky scented spray, very different for me as I usually like sweet and fresh. (They only sell this one in the 'Eau De Toilette' now but has the same scent but will last longer on the skin!)

These next 3 are all from Asda in the Nspa range, all of these smell very true to their names. These are much larger than the Avon sprays and are around the same price, but they don't last as long on the skin or clothes.

Vanilla: Basically a vanilla scent, very sweet and sugary, this one I found didn't last long on the skin or clothes.

Mango: This is basically just a lovely strong mango scent, I also think it smells a little like peaches as well, this one lasts much longer on the skin and clothes, great for those who love that strong fruit smell which isn't too sweet.

Passion Fruit: This is a very fruity passion fruit scent, great for those who love that strong fruit smell which isn't too sweet.

These are great body mists, so affordable and cheap so I recommend to give them all a try if you have Avon or Asda in your country! If not, I'm sure your local super market will sell things very similar to them!

Love Chantelle x