Thursday, 10 July 2014

My Dressing Table

My dressing table is such an essential in my room, I love to display my things on it such as my makeup brushes and some vintage glass jars which I am in love with! Every girl needs a dressing table in their room, I use mine everyday to get ready on to do my hair and makeup!

I have my TV on it at the moment as soon it shall be on my wall. I then have my small mirror which I use everyday to put on my makeup, this mirror is super handy as its easy to move around and has a zoom in side which can be quite scary to look into sometimes as it really does make everything X50 bigger and in much more detail. I then have my 2 vintage glass jars which are both from Home Bargins which is a serious great place to get the best home wear for great prices. You can literally keep anything you want in them, such as cotton buds, cotton pads, cotton balls, nail polishes, literally anything, in between them both I have my brushes held in a glass container which is also from Home Bargins. Then I have my foundations as I don't like to have my foundations laying down, then lastly I have my current perfumes which I use often.

In my 6 drawers I keep things such as lingerie, hair stuff, makeup, bikinis, socks etc.

The little black thing in the left hand corner is just my Blackberry pad, I don't use it often but I just like to keep it on my dressing table.

What do you like to keep on your dressing table? Or if you had one what would you put on it?

Love Chantelle x