Tuesday, 1 July 2014

MAC Wishlist

I was thinking of what blog posts I could write up and I've seen a few bloggers do their wishlist on their blog, now my wishlist is endless so today I thought I would just show you my MAC wishlist and then show you the rest of my wishlist throughout a couple more blog posts or it would just be one massive boring post!

So this is my MAC wishlist and these are the things I eventually want to own in time, my goal is to eventually own a massive makeup collection because I love makeup, but of course it has to be done over a large space of time because it doesn't come cheap! These aren't products I've just thought of and decided I wanted them, I've carefully looked into every product to make sure it was even worth wanting and putting onto my wishlist, and from what I have seen every single one of these products are worth it and are amazing in my opinion!

Brow Pencil: ‘Fling’ £13
Eye Pencil: ‘Coffee’ £14
Pro Longwear Concealer: ‘NC15’ £15.50
Pressed Pigment: ‘Deeply Dashing’ ‘Moth’ £17
Loose Pigment: ‘Vanilla’ ‘Rose’ Tan’ £17
Mineralize Blush: ‘Warm Soul’ £20
Studio Fix Fluid: 'NC15' 'NC20' £21.50
Mineralize Skinfinish Natural: ‘light’ £23
Prep + Prime Highlighter: ‘Light Boost’ ‘Bright Forecast’ £18

Love Chantelle x