Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Topshop/Missguided Clothing Wishlist

Since the last blog post I did was a small makeup wishlist, I thought I would show a small Topshop & Missguided wishlist as I love to see what other people are buying or want to buy, it gives me some sort of inspiration in what I could buy myself so I thought I would share with you some summery clothes I want to buy this summer

I love how underneath this dress is layers so the bottom half really puffs out, I also love how it has an open back I think it adds a elegant touch to it!

I love how this dress is figure hugging and I love nude coloured dresses, also the lace detailing on the dress makes it even more elegant and makes it unique

Missguided have some really amazing dresses recently so you must check them out immediately! I narrowed it down to these 2 dresses to share with you today, they both have that lace touch to it but I think they are really unique as I haven't seen another clothes website sell anything like these, there are tons more on their website like these in other colours also!

There's only a couple of things I want from Topshop as nothing else has really caught my eye, I know everyone is now buying the white jeans and you either love it or hate it, I personally love it! I love these summer tops also as I love the light pastel shades and the detailing on them.

I love how this top is delicate and I love the mint/blue colour.

I like the detailing in this top and how it flares out a little at the bottom, also I love the lemon colour of it!

This one I personally love because of the detailed flowers on the arm sleeves and at the bottom of the top

Check out the websites!

Love Chantelle x