Sunday, 8 June 2014

How to clean your makeup brushes

I thought I would just run through quickly how to wash your makeup brushes for those who don't know! It is good to give all of your brushes a good clean at least once a week, and spot clean them every other time you use them if you are only using them on yourself, but if you're using them on other people, then spot clean them after every time you use them, by spot cleaning, I mean just where you can use some sort of makeup remover on a cotton pad and just swirl the brushes on the pad to just get rid of the product and will get rid of some of the bacteria, but since this doesn't clean the brushes fully, it is best to give them a good clean in the sink at least once a week and I am going to show you how I clean mine!

Firstly what I do is get a towel ready layed out for my brushes to go onto once they are all washed, then I will wash the brushes one by one, but if I'm washing small brushes such as eye brushes I will wash a couple of them at the same time.

All I do is get the tap running and choose a soap to wash them with! Something which isn't filled with lots of chemicals, so I use hand wash, but also baby shampoo and bath bubble is great and it is gentle and won't damage the brushes.

So next I get the brush I am going to wash wet under the tap, then place a pea size amount of the soap or shampoo you are using onto the palm of your hand, and just swirl in the brush into the palm of your hand like in a buffing motion, it won't always bubble depending on the brush such as my Zoeva buffing brush doesn't create much bubbles but my Real Techniques expert face brush bubbles up loads!

Also some brushes take longer to clean than others, so it might be the case you will need to repeat this method until the brush is back to it's original colour and you can no longer see any of the product either on the brush or running through the bubbles or water, one way I like to make sure the product is all out is by the bubbles, when I first wash a brush such as a foundation brush, the bubbles will come out a foundation colour, but when the bubbles are back to white then I know the product is all out! I just like to do it once, then rinse all of the product and bubbles out of the brush, then add some more soap and repeat!

I then lay out my brushes on the towel I layed out before, then squeeze the excess water out of the brushes. I then place my brushes upside down in my Real Techniques brush holder, which came with 3 brushes including the pink brush I washed here, and you want to make sure your brushes dry upside down making sure any water will come out the brush instead of running into the brush, as the water can dissolve the glue that's holding the bristles together!

Washing your brushes will also prolong the life of them making them last much much longer, also brushes can tend to stop doing their job and do the totally opposite of what you want to do when they need a wash and get too built up with product, another trick to know when my foundation brush needs a wash is when the brush stops blending in the product onto my skin and just leaves it streaky.

I just leave my brushes overnight to dry and they are dry in the morning! You definitely do not want to be blow drying your brushes as this will totally damage the bristles also will dissolve the glue holding the bristles, I just say treat your bushes like your own hair, don't apply heat or harsh washing chemicals to them as they will damage the hair.

Another thing is if your brush doesn't seem to wash and doesn't look like any of the product is coming out, don't worry you're not doing it wrong, some brushes take longer to wash!

I hope this helped some of you who where wondering how to wash your makeup brushes and that some of my tips and tricks helped!

Love Chantelle x