Saturday, 31 May 2014

May Favourites

This month's favourites aren't too different to last months, only a few things which I have been loving this month, but literally some of these products I could not go without! Also it includes a great rediscovery of something which was well loved by me years ago which I have recently started to use again!

I have been loving the Yankee Candles, the one I have been loving this month is 'Sugared Apple' which is a lovely sweet scent and is also part of the Christmas collection but can also be bought at any time around the year, it's a lovely sweet scent and all of the Yankee Candles give off the true scent of the candle all around the room which is also why I love them.

The rediscover product is my Ghost perfume, I love this perfume so so much, this perfume is my signature scent, whenever I wear it my friends and family will say 'oh you smell like you today' as I used to wear it none stop years ago, the only reason I stopped using it as much was because I was running out and I didn't want to use it all up as I love it so much! But then I released it will eventually go out of date so I have to use it up! It's a lovely sweet, but not sickly scent, it's very unique and I just love it and always will.

Next up is the Zoeva 103 defined buffer brush, firstly can I just point out how cheap these brushes are, this brush I have cost only £9.50, which is cheaper than MAC and are much softer as well! I love this brush for buffing in foundation, it gives a lovely flawless streak free finish and lets you build up coverage, She has an amazing range of brushes at such affordable prices, I have seen YouTubers such as Zoella and Tanya Burr use these brushes and they love them just as much as me!

The nail polish I have been loving this month is a Barry M Hi Shine nail polish, this shade is from their new pastel collection and is called 'Sugar Apple', the nail polishes are of course high in shine, but also last much longer on the nails and are more hard wearing, this share is like a duck egg, pale mint shade and is great for spring/summer.

The last 2 products I have been loving are makeup, and the first one is my Benefit Brow Zing compact in the shade 'light', this compact is amazing as it contains everything you need for your eyebrows,this colour seems quite light in the compact but is a great colour and is seamless on my eyebrows, it just gives a lovely natural look.

Then last but not least is MAC Cream Colour Base in 'Pearl', this is a lovely highlight if you like that dewy effect, and I certainly do! This gives a lovely glow to your skin looking natural and healthy, it's a gold tone with tiny little gold glitter particles, but the glitter is very fine and is very natural and almost seamless on the skin.

So that's all of my May favourites, I have wrote quite a lot for each product but I wanted to give as much detail as I could without writing too much as these products deserve to be noticed as they are just all so amazing!

Yankee Candle
Ghost Perfume
Zoeva 103 Defined Buffer Brush
Barry M polish
Benefit Brow Zing
MAC Pearl Cream Colour Base

Love Chantelle x