Sunday, 16 March 2014

My Real Techniques Brush Collection

I love my Real Techniques brushes and I honestly could not live without them! The Real Techniques brushes are made by a Professional Makeup Artist, YouTuber and Beauty Blogger Sam Chapman, she does YouTube tutorials on her Real Techniques YouTube channel on how to use the brushes to get the most out of them! If you would like to check her out I'll link her YouTube channel down below.

So these brushes come in different coloured handles, the purple handles are for the eyes, the gold handles are for your flawless base and the pink ones are for your perfected finish, some of the brushes can only be sold in a set together and some brushes can only be sold separately, which I am so bummed about as one of their brushes I want is not sold separately.

Sam has a official Real Techniques website which is in dollars, for international buy you can get these brushes at places like Amazon, Boots, Love Make Up, Superdrug, Beauty Expert and Victoriahealth, I personally like to buy mine from Amazon as Amazon always knock of a couple of pounds from the original price.

I think these brushes are just so cheap for how great the quality of them are, the brushes are made with Taklon bristles and are ultra plush and smooth, which means they're so unbelievably soft and just blend in your makeup so effortlessly, this also makes the brushes so versatile to what product you use on it, weather it be mousse, powder, liquid or cream, also using products such as cream can be hard to wash out of your brushes, but because these brushes have Taklon bristles, it makes it so much easier to wash the product out without damaging the brush. They're also 100% cruelty-free.

So starting of with my Expert Face Brush, this brush is sold separately for around £7-£10 depending on where you buy it from, this brush is a dense top brush and I like to use mine for my liquid foundation, it gives you an amazing flawless base. Since this brush is a dense top shape, it is ideal for blending in cream or liquid foundation, this brush also allows you to build up coverage with your foundation and makes it so easy to do this and blends it in seamlessly.

Now onto my Travel Essentials Kit, this includes a base brush, the 'Essential Foundation Brush', an eye brush, the 'Domed Shadow Brush' and a finish brush, the 'Multi Task Brush, this set also includes a 2-in-1 carry case to carry your brushes, but also is great for holding your brushes after they've been washed to dry them! The handy travel case protects the brushes if you're on the move and can be folded down and used as a makeup stand. This set will help to a create flawless face whether you're on the move or at home, the domed foundation brush for a flawless skin finish, apply colour to the cheeks or powder to the face with the large soft multi task brush and finally add colour or blend eyeshadow with the domed shadow brush to emphasise the eyes.

This is the way I like to dry my brushes after washing them, it keeps the water dripping out of the bristles as it is upside down, if the brushes where drying the right way up, the water would fall into the glue where the bristles are being held and eventually dissolve the glue

Sam Chapmans YouTube Channel: Real Techniques

Love Chantelle xx