Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Tanya Burr Lip Gloss

I am so pleased to be doing this blog post on the famous 'Tanya Burr Lip Glosses'. I cannot believe I actually own one of the lip glosses and I am so chuffed that I don't have one bad word to say about them!

So, Tanya launched her lip glosses on January 30th at 6pm GMT on Feel Unique, her lip glosses and nail polishes sold so well and I know Tanya is so overwhelmed for everyone who helped her get to where she is today, the lip glosses and nail polishes are now online on Superdrug and will soon be stocked into some of their stores over the UK! Around 200 of them will be stocking Tanya Burr's Lips and Nails, Tanya first announced this over twitter on February 10th, so please everyone go and check out her products over on them websites, I cannot rave enough about them so I know you will fall in love with them like I have!

I only purchased a lip gloss at the time, just to see what it was like and I LOVE it! I purchased the lip gloss in the shade 'Aurora', I know that Tanya Burr named this lip gloss after one of her favourite Disney princesses, plus Aurora wears a similar colour dress in the 'Sleeping Beauty' film, the colour and the name of this lip gloss just go together hand in hand. She has a range of colours from the darkest blood red to the light pink peach colours having some shimmery and some not

I love the little cardboard packaging it comes in with a little message from Tanya on the back, and her beautiful face on the front! I do love how Tanya has made the lip gloss simple but have the actual lip gloss showing through, so you can see exactly what the colour is before even opening it

The colours of ALL the lip glosses are amazing, what you see is what you get, the colour pigmentation in them are amazing, usually some lighter lip gloss colours look great in the bottle, but then when you go to apply them they can almost seem clear on your lips, but with Tanya's lip glosses it's incredible how shes made them so pigmented on the lips. They are also so long wearing, whatever you're doing in the day, drinking, eating, talking, the lip glosses just won't budge for hours!

I love the texture of the lip glosses, they couldn't be more perfect for me, they have a lovely thick texture which keeps the lip gloss on your lips for hours no matter what you're doing, but also they are not sticky one bit! They are so comfortable to wear it's just like you don't have anything on your lips

As you can see, the 'Aurora' lip gloss has shimmery particles, at first I thought it wouldn't be wearable for an everyday look, but they are so subtle on the lips it's not overpowering but its still giving off that lovely bold colour making your lips just look amazing. The lip gloss also has an amazing shine finish to it, this makes your lips look lovely, full and plump

This lip gloss colour is the perfect colour for me, I love dark rose pinks on my lips, I think they go well with my skin colour as I am quite tanned skinned, but all of the lip gloss colours will match any skin tone. I would say the lip gloss range are just as good as a lip stick, they stay on your lips for the same amount of time giving of the same colour pigmentation also as a lipstick would

The 'dofut' applicator is amazing for applying the lip gloss, it's a flat shaped 'dofut' on both sides so you can use either side to apply your lip gloss. It's a great shape for any lip shape or size. It applies the right amount of lip gloss onto the lips not too much but not to little which would make you keep going back for more

As you can see, the colour of the lip gloss is labeled at the bottom of the bottle, and on the top of the lid, Tanya has put on her signature love heart which is always next to her name like she has done on the side of the lip glosses. I will definitely be purchasing ALL of the lip glosses as I just love mine so much that I know I will love all the others just the same, I think having all of them would create such a cute collection and would look amazing on display. I will also be purchasing the nail polishes too

I hope Tanya brings out more product lines along with her lips and nails as I know they will all be beautiful

Words literally cannot explain how much I love this lip gloss and I would recommend everyone to purchase one

If you have any enquiries about the lip glosses or anything just in general, head over to my blog Chantelle Hudson and send me a message using the message box on the left hand side

Thank you x