Thursday, 27 February 2014

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in 'Punjab'

I finally got the courage to purchase NARS Sheer Glow foundation, I have never hesitated about buying a product so much before! I couldn't decide if it was really worth £31 just for a foundation that will soon run out, also choosing the shade was just the worst, there is no NARS counter near where I live, the nearest to me is London and that's around 6 hours away! So I did lots of research buy looking at swatches people had done of the colours, watching YouTube videos, I almost chose 4 different colours at different times, but I am glad that I have gone with the colour I chose, because it is the perfect match for me!

So I just wanted to go over quickly how lovely the packaging is, they have kept the packaging simple, but any packaging which is black and white, I LOVE! I think it just makes the product look very expensive even if it wasn't, but unfortunately this foundation was!

Now, I think the glass bottle looks very posh and lovely, but sometimes I get worried that it might break in my handbag and smash everywhere, although I know NARS has made it so it doesn't do that, it's such an expensive foundation you cant help but worry about them things! But even so, I think it just looks lovely, and I love the fact you can see very clearly what the colour of the foundation is, this makes it easier if it needed to be sent back if the colour was incorrect, without having to open it

The colour I got is the shade MEDIUM 1 'Punjab', this shade is such a great shade, it has the right amount of peach tones, and the right amount of yellow tones in it to make it look like your own skin and blend in seamlessly, if you're like me and you either buy a foundation which is too yellow for you, or too pink, 'Punjab' will be the perfect colour for you! My body is quite an olive toned tan colour, but as you work up my body gets lighter, my neck and chest are lighter than the rest of my body, they are more olive and light toned, then when you get to my face, its a very pale almost pink undertone when I first wake up, so this foundation just balances out all the colours on my body, making my head look like it's attached to the right body, then I just simply use my NARS 'Laguna' Bronzer down my neck and a tiny bit on my chest area just to blend it all in even more, I have done a blog post on this bronzer if you'd like to check it out, NARS 'Laguna' Bronzer Review

I find the best way the foundation blends on my skin is either by using my fingers, or using my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, any dense top brush will work perfectly. The foundation doesn't have a scent or smell what so ever which if you're someone who doesn't like foundation with a smell, then this is the perfect foundation for you. It's a lovely texture, not too thick or too runny and blends so easily on the skin, the tiniest amount I found goes a long way. The foundation is a medium coverage, and can be built up to a full coverage with a second layer if you like that look. Like in the name, the foundation has a lovely sheer glow, this helps the foundation to look more like a second skin than a layer of foundation, this also makes your skin look lovely and healthy

I find that this foundation lasts on my skin as long as I need it to, I like to powder my foundation using my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder just down my T-Zone to keep any shine away in that area throughout the day, then my foundation will last me up to 6-8 hours, this is perfect as this is just the right amount of hours I need to have it last on my skin. The only two negative things I have to say about this foundation is that it does have a tendency to cling to any dry patches you have on your skin, so I would recommend using a good exfoliator on your skin and a good moisturiser before applying the foundation, and also the price of the foundation I think is ridiculous! The foundation is a good foundation, but I'm not going to lie, I have tried foundations from the high street which cost a third of the price and are better quality, I think NARS have overpriced this foundation, but if you have the money for this foundation I think it might be worth buying

Overall the foundation is brilliant, but definitely overpriced, but I would recommend this foundation only if you have the money to spend on it

I purchased my foundation at House of Fraser, but you can also get it at John Lewis and Selfridges

Love Chantelle xx