Tuesday, 18 February 2014

My Perfume Collection

Hey everyone! Today's blog is very exciting for me as it is my most favourite thing in the world, and it's my perfume collection, I would say perfume is my most favourite beauty product, the only thing you actually need to judge a perfume on is its scent, so it is so easy to just pick one you love and wear it whenever you want to! All my perfumes are EDP, this means they have a stronger scent and will last on the skin longer where as EDT is cheaper but doesn't have that stay powder and will fade quickly.

I have put the pictures in order of the sweetest smell, going to the fruity and more musky, elegant smells, I love all my perfumes and they all have a unique smell and the majority of them can be worn in the day or night time, Daisy 'white' reminds me of the summer as it is fruity, and Ghost is my go-to scent and when people smell this they think of me, it's become my signature smell, I hope you enjoy my blog post and feel free to message me or leave a comment down below!



Jimmy Choo

Ghost Deep Night


Lady Million

Daisy 'white'

Daisy 'black'

(In order from top to bottom)
Where you can get these perfumes:

The Perfume Shop:
Flowerbomb EDP
Ghost EDP
Jimmy Choo EDP
Ghost deep Night EDP
Diamonds EDP
Lady Million EDP
Daisy EDP

Feel Unique:
Daisy EDP

Love Chantelle x