Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Fearne Midnight Manicure

Hey everyone! Today I'm excited to talk about these nail polishes by the lovely Fearne Cotton, she brought these out a couple of years ago and I see that they're always available in boots at Christmas time along with all the beauty gifts, I know fearne has this set of nail polishes and also a day time nail polish set called 'Perfectly Polished' with more light and brighter colours in for the day such as banana yellow and lilac, whereas in my set, it's dark and sparkly colours for the night time. It may be difficult to get hold of these sets when it's not Christmas time so when it is Christmas, I recommend you all to go to boots and check them out!

So this is what the nail polishes look like in the packaging, I have had mine for a couple of years and the packaging was just too pretty to throw away! With lovely black and white lace detailing, I love how the front is clear so you can see all the nail polishes and see exactly what you're buying

Then to reveal the nail polishes, you just slide them out with the lovely soft fabric handle and then you can get a good look at the nail polishes! From left to right the colours are, Cranberry Sparks, which is a lovely deep purple with fine purple and silver glitter particles in, Black Honey, which is a black gold with fine gold glitter particles in, Night Owl, which is a black with chunky different coloured glitter particles in, Fern Green, which is a beautiful teal colour, Royal Red, which is a pure bright red and Ruby Cotton, which is a more dark pink red with fine gold and red glitter particles in. I love the names Fearne has chosen for these nail polishes, I think the names suit the colours so well, so well done Fearne!

All of the nail polishes are beautiful and there is not one I don't like, they're all so unique and they all work great on the toes and fingernails! What you see is what you get with the nail polishes, the colour you see in the bottle is the colour which will be on your nails, with any nail polish I have, I will always put on two coats no matter how good the nail polish colour pay off is, doing this will just make the colour pop out more and make it last longer on your nails

All these colours are very elegant and sexy and are just amazing for whatever you're doing, some of these colours you could get away with even in the day like the two reds and the teal colour, I would recommend using a base coat for these nail polishes, since all the colours are so vibrant, if you don't wear a base coat they will stain your nails leaving a horrible yellow stain on them, this will also help the nail polish glide onto the nails more easy and will make the nail polish last longer on your nails, to finish off I would apply a top coat, again to make the nail polish last longer and prevent chipping, also give the nail polish a lovely smooth shiny finish

The nail polishes are such a good consistency, they go on so smooth and lovely on the nails with lots of pigmentation, even the ones with glitter in them go on so smooth and they don't feel rough when it's dry

I would recommend anyone to buy these for a gift for someone as it's a gift where you can't go wrong, or you can even just buy them for yourself if you wanted they are just too amazing to leave in the shop, so make sure to go to Boots at Christmas time!