Tuesday, 28 January 2014

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish

Last summer I discovered MAC Mineralize Skinfinish by Youtube, a few YouTubers that I like to watch had used this product in a few of their vidoes, I thought it looked absolutely beautiful so I HAD to find out more information about it, so I decided to watch other YouTubers who had reviewed this product and gave good enough swatches for me to help me decide whether the product is worth it or not! MAC Mineralize Skinfinish is a powder pressed pigment and comes in around 3-4 different colours depending on where you're buying it from, which is used as a highlight for cheeks, brows or anywhere on the body.

I purchased the shade 'Soft and Gentle' and it is a great highlight for me as I am naturally tanned so it blends into my skin perfectly giving me that natural glowy highlight, for paler skins I would suggest the lighter colour 'Lightscapade' and it will give you the same effect but will match your skin tone better!

As you can see, my packaging for the product looks pretty battered since I have had it for a while now, it may look a little shabby on the corners but it still does a great job at protecting the product itself! It has a open circle in the middle so you can actually see what the product looks like without even having to open it, this is a bonus if you bought it online, you wouldn't need to fully open the hole product to see what it's like, you can just look and send it back and get your money back right away!

The product is enclosed in a hard black plastic packaging with a clear plastic lid so you are able to see the product, yet the product is still being protected. You can see the colour of the product already, it has a peachy golden tone to it, great for the tanned to darker skin tones. I have had this product since last summer and I am no way near hitting pan, it almost looks brand new like it hasn't even been used or touched.

Taking a closer look into the product, since it is a mineralize product, it has little veins of different toned colours running through it to keep the colour balance right keeping it looking like your own skin, it has brown, gold, silver and peach toned veins running through it. The product colour is highly pigmented needing only the tinniest amount on the brush The product is quite shimmery so if you was to apply too much of it, it would be very over kill with the shimmer, I like to use mine just on the tops of my cheek bones for a lovely highlight, some people might find that the product is too shimmery for a day look and might only want to wear it for the evening, which I can totally relate too, the product is very pigmented with shimmer, but when only a small amount is applied you can get away with it being worn in the day or evening

The price of this product for MAC I think is reasonable to say how long it will last you, but if you're not too familiar with MAC, the price might look a little scary and you may be thinking it's not worth it, but if you're looking for the perfect highlighter that will last you years, this is the perfect highlighter for you! If you're still not too sure about whether to buy the product or not, you can always go into your closest MAC store and they will try it on you so you can see what it looks like for yourself!

Since the product is a powder, it blends in so seamlessly that if you ended up applying too much, you could easily blend it in with your fingers or your foundation brush, some people also like to spray the brush with water or MAC studio fix +, then apply the product with the damp brush onto the skin, this will also make the product look more natural and last longer on the skin. This product is seriously amazing to making your skin look alive and healthy and I assure you won't regret buying it!

This product is available at the MAC store also on the MAC website and in store and online at Debenams