Tuesday, 28 January 2014

MAC Mineralize Moisture SPF15 Foundation

Whilst I was away on holiday, I discovered they had quite a few MAC shops near by, and before I went on holiday I was liking the look of this foundation, so I decided to purchase it on holiday, I had my skin matched and it matched perfectly! Which was the biggest mistake I have ever made! NEVER get your foundation matched whilst you have a tan, unless you tend on keeping your tan up constantly, your tan will fade and your foundation will start to look dark and very pink toned!

When my foundation got matched, I had a lovely tan, and when you tan from the sun your skin has that pink undertone, so when this foundation was matched on me it looked perfect, but when my tan started to fade after my holiday it started to get darker and very pink under toned, I was so disappointed because this foundation is the best foundation I have ever tried it's such a shame I can't wear it everyday!

Onto the foundation, I bought the colour NW25 as that was my shade at the time, the foundation comes in the traditional MAC packaging which they use for all there products. The bottle itself I think is quite fancy, with the frosted glass bottle and with the MAC black writing. I am so GLAD this foundation comes with the pump as not all MAC foundations do, I guess that's why this foundation could cost a few more pounds than the others, but if the foundation didn't come with the pump I would of been too lazy to buy one! So this is great for the lazy people like me!

The foundation is a medium to full coverage which can easily be built up for the right coverage for you. It has a very dewy satiny finish to it, so I would recommend powdering in the T-Zone so we don't get that overall very shiny look. The satin finish gives the skin that healthy glow letting the natural lights reflect of your skin. I think it's great that the foundation has a sun protection of SPF15 in it, wearing sun protection daily will prevent ageing on the skin, and since it's already included in the product you wont need to remember to put a separate sun protection on beforehand

Because of the dewy finish the foundation looks very natural if matched to the right skin tone, if you don't know already, the C in the colour name of the MAC foundations means cool, which is yellow undertones, and the W means warm, which is warm peachy pinky undertones in the foundation. The foundation texture is not thick but it doesn't run like water, it's the right texture making it an easy application letting the foundation glide on the skin

Being a mineralize product, the foundation has powders in it which allow the foundation to blur out any imperfections, blemishes or fine lines on the skin for a more even skin tone

From my experience, the foundation lasts all day on the skin, so you wouldn't need any primer or setting spray with it, which means you can use less products on your skin! This will make your skin feel lighter and less heavy and caked in products. I always use a moisturiser before I apply any of my foundations, it puts a barrier between your skin and any makeup product, it will also give any foundation you use a more natural look to it no matter how heavy the foundation, I would recommend using a moisturiser that works great with your skin

If you are wanting to purchase this foundation I would say buy it now! If you can get to a MAC store, I would recommend asking them to match it to your skin, but make sure its matched to your skin tone that will be staying constant! You can buy this product easily online at MAC or in the MAC store, also you can buy it in store or online at Debenhams, Selfridges and House of Fraser