Sunday, 26 January 2014

EOS Lip Balm in 'Summer Fruit'

I received the EOS Lip Balm in 'Summer Fruit' as a Christmas present, and I know that this lip balm is raved about a LOT by people such as bloggers and YouTubers so I thought I would write my own blog on it from my point of view

I love the packaging for the actual product, I think it's such a fun product, the shape of the product and the colour ranges are what make this product more popular. The small round ball shaped makes it so easy to carry around and use on the go. Some lip balms that come in a tub you will most probably just use your finger but the great thing about this lip balm is that you can just apply it straight to your lips using the packaging itself, making it a less sticky situation

The product itself isn't tinted so it's mainly just for nourishing the lips preventing chapped cracked lips, I love this product for the winter as that is the time when most of us get them dry lips so we need a product that will do just the job for us. The EOS lip balm is a thick texture not buttery or liquidy which means it has more staying power to last longer on the lips that other lip balms would

The smells of these lip balms are amazing, I happened to receive the 'Summer Fruit' cent and I absolutely love it! I am so eager to try the other cents of the EOS lip balm range. The bright colours are so amazing, they have every colour in the rainbow so there is a colour for everyone.

The product is definitely in the price range for everyone being £3 - £7, and this product will last you a very long time no matter how many times you use it. I have had mine since Christmas and I've been using it almost everyday since then and it still looks brand new, I know Christmas wasn't that long ago but when you use some lip balms you can definitely tell that they have been used even from the first use

But, because this product is cheap, you are getting what you pay for. The product is thick and moisturising and does have a long staying power, but not as long as you would want from a lip balm, you would have to top up the lip balm after eating, or if you're one of those people who like to lick their lips a lot and rub them together then you would have to top it up more than you would want to, but this might not bother some people and I don't think it's a huge problem as the lip balm will last a long time, so it's not like your going to run out anytime soon

I do love my EOS lip balm and I love the fact they have turned a normal lip balm into something fun, and the lip balm is at such an affordable price, I do think that it is a great lip balm for anyone and if you can get hold of one then do so! And maybe start a pretty collection of all the colours! They are sold at Ebay and Selfridges, I have found that sell them at My Natural Market the cheapest for £2.44