Friday, 24 January 2014

About Chantelle

I'm a Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger. After leaving school, I went onto college to study Beauty Therapy for a year and now I am currently studying Travel and Tourism. I love running my own blog and try to keep the range of the blogs I write wide to make my blogs for everyone, I love to write about makeup products and I will be looking into blogging about other things such as films, hair products, technology, food and drink and general life styles.

I love to keep up with the current trends and looks from reading up on London Fashion Week. I watch YouTubers in my spare time such as Tanya Burr, Lauren Curtis & Zoella. I would love to get into the beauty industry more! My dream would be to move to London, I love the look of London and would love to live there someday!

I have an obsession with nutella for as long as I can remember and The Pirates of the Caribbean DVD collection, I think the actors in it are just amazing and I get into the films so much I can just watch them over and over without getting bored, the story lines in it I find are just so interesting I would love to just be Elizabeth Swan! I love to watch films such as fantasy and action films, I also love films like Twilight, X-men, Iron man and Transformers! Johnny Depp and Leonardo Dicaprio are my top favourite actors. I love to listen to music to either relax me or get me in the hyper mood, my favourite singer would have to be Beyonce, shes so inspiring and I think she is such a great role model to all of her fans, and her music is just amazing, she writes songs about herself and the past and her personal life, but they're also songs that people can instantly relate to.

I also have other internet links which you will find on my home page such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram so check them out!