Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Fresh & Glowing Valentines Day Makeup

Whenever the Sun comes out, no matter the temperature, I am always inspired to wear glowing, fresh and bright makeup, and since Valentines day is coming up, I thought I would incorporate my everyday 'sun' makeup with Valentines day, since I have used pink toned products, it would be really gorgeous for the Valentines Day Occasion, but still just as pretty for everyday

My main aim for this makeup was to create a super glowing, fresh & bronzed makeup look, as it's my favourite kind of look to do, so I limited to the powder products I used, so I kept the look as glowing as it could possibly be, all of these products I would highly recommend as I can rely on them to give me the look I want1

L-R: The Body Shop BB Cream '01', Mac Select Cover up 'NW15', Mac Cream Colour Base 'Hush', Maybelline Colour Tattoo 'Pink Gold', Mac Lip Pencil 'Soar', Bourjois Lip Balm 'Peach On The Beach', The Body Shop Honey Bronzer '02', Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette 'Undone'

Products used:

This is a BB cream which comes out white with tiny little beads in it, which once blended burst out colour onto you face, it's a natural coverage which I love to wear when the sun is out, this BB cream is also light reflecting, which means your skin in the light looks glowing and luminous

This concealer recently became a favourite of mine, it doesn't crease or cake up, and it also really brightening and looks gorgeous in pictures

This is a subtle bronzer, only a few shades darker than my skin tone, as I wanted to look bronzed and glowing

This product is the star of the show, I like to use this with a small duo fibre stippling brush and it almost gives a wet look on the tops of your cheek bones, the camera unfortunately didn't pick this up but I can guarantee you my skin in person looked glowing from within! It does look scary to use as it's a peach tone, but use a small amount on a duo fibre brush will give you the healthy glow you want

As I didn't want to use much powder for this look, I also decided to go for a cream eyeshadow for my eyes, this one is really long wearing, and very affordable and it compliments the glowing look I was going for, it gives of a gorgeous sheen on the eyes, but stays in place all day

This is a new mascara from Maybelline, and it's really lengthening, volumising, and also pushes your lashes up to hold the curl. I also really love the colour of the packaging!

I love using this lip liner with any pink toned lip product, it does seem like a dark mauve rose, as it is, but I only used a light hand and only lined my lips with it, not filling them in with it

This is my favourite kind of lip product to use, I just love lip crayons! This shade also really brightens up your complexion and compliments a tan or bronzer on the face and just finishes of the glowing look

I didn't powder with this makeup as I wanted my skin to be as dewy as possible, only powder if you need it!

The look can be really easily made into a night makeup, simply by adding some eye liner, either gel, liquid, pencil or eyeshadow, a peachy pink blush and a darker toned lip!

Love, Chantelle