Thursday, 5 February 2015

Lush Prince Charming Shower Gel Review | Valentines Day 2015

Ok guys, so I have literally just got out of the bath, into my pjs, snuggled up in bed whilst writing up this post as I just couldn't wait to write about the Lush Price Charming Shower Gel from their 2015 Valentines Day Collection, and let me just start of by saying, I am impressed!

I expected this shower gel to be just as good as the other shower gels Lush sell, by having a really good scent and give yourself a really good clean whilst still smelling amazing, but I was surprised by this as there are certain types of oils in this shower gel which really nourish the skin and make it feel really soft, BUT WAIT! Lush also recommend you can use this in your hair as the oils in it will benefit the hair and skin, and I must say I am wowed.

I used this to wash my hair once and then I used my regular shampoo after, just like I usually do if I use a Lush shower gel in my hair, I know they are shower gels but they just smell too good to not use in your hair and they really do clean it really well. When I went to brush my hair it was a million times easier to brush it than normal, and I didn't even use a conditioner (because I forgot) as I usually do because my hair is so tangle and knot prone it's ridiculous, I do use a tangle teezer! I would never go to a normal hair brush ever again! But after using this it was so easy to brush my hair and my hair feels so so soft and clean! It's never felt this way before!

I do recommend this shower gel to everybody out there! For your body and hair! Your hair will be tangle-free, feeling super clean and soft! I don't know how it does it but it just works miracles, this truly is my price charming..

I rate this shower gel 9/10, not a full house simply because it is quite expensive just for a shower gel! I have the medium size which is just under £10 as the big size is over £15! And I would only pay up to £10 for the large size, but I can see why this is priced that, because it's organic and vegan friendly! and full of natural and beneficial, fresh ingredients! Only the finest for their customers! I am sure they could put the prices higher if they wanted to, so I guess the price in some way is really good if you look into it..

Have you tried this shower gel?

Love, Chantelle

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