Friday, 30 January 2015

Let It Glow

Recently in the UK the weather has started to brighten up with the sun shining and bright blue skies, but the temperature is still a little nippy, but I have been thinking about 2015 Spring to come and have been playing around with my makeup to create glowing, healthy looking complexion and these are the products I always rely on if I need that extra help with my glow..

I bought this palette recently and find it's the best all-in-one complexion in one palette, you get a bronzer with a glow shimmer to it, it's definitely not matte, a nude shimmery highlighter and a matte dusky-rose blush, the shimmer in the bronzer and highlighter is great to uplift your skin and make you look more awake but it's also important not to apply too much of these as they are very pigmented, this palette shade is aimed more towards tanned-dark skins.

This is my second favourite highlighter as even though it is a powder it does give a glowing finish to your skin when you use a tiny amount, though since this is a pink highlighter it is important not to apply too much to your cheekbones or it'll come off too pink, but when using just a small amount gives of a gorgeous flushed healthy glow, it also looks lovely with a small amount over your blush

Now this is my number one powder highlighter as it does look the most natural out of them all as it matches my skin colour perfectly, it's a champagne shade, again when you use just a small amount it gives a gorgeous glow, and looks the most natural out of them all

If you want the full glowy, natural healthy complexion, this is the one to go for and is my favourite out of them all as I am all about the natural glow look, this is a silver slight lilac shade liquid highlighter but when you apply it to the tops of your cheek bones it blends in really well, I would recommend not using any sort of powder underneath or on top as it can go quite patchy and doesn't work well, this product is definitely my glow factor product

A lot of people I know love this foundation for spring, summer time as it really does wake up your skin and give you that summer glow we all want as it contains light reflecting particles, but this foundation unfortunately doesn't go very light in the shade ranges, I have a shade which is great for my summer tan and the lightest shade which I think is '100 Ivory' is still quite dark and would be my winter shade and only just match me and I am still quite tanned in the winter which isn't great for lighter skin tones than me, but even though that must be why people only use it in the summer

This isn't a very spring/summer shade but it's the only cream blush I own and I love wearing it all year round, if you do want that full glowing skin look I would recommend using all liquid and cream products, this is the best blush I have ever used, it blends in seamlessly and gives you that sheer flush of colour which I really like, and you can easily build it up if you prefer more or only apply it once if you like it to look more natural

If you have been reading my past posts I have featured this product a lot, I have even stopped using any other concealers for it, I've tried to use them but I just cant because they just don't give that brightening effect which this one does, this is super brightening and gives a natural to medium coverage, I love using it under my eyes and down my nose

If you like bright lips for Spring/Summer but don't want light shades like light pinks or corals then this is the perfect product for you, it's a blue undertoned purple/pink, I used this for my birthday and I loved it, it really compliments my tanned skin tone and I can imagine it'll compliment a lot of skin tones, it's not sticky but it's long-wearing on the lips and smells really good too, and so affordable! She's also brought out some new shades which I am thinking about getting this year, some really pretty pinks and corals!

What's your number 1 product to achieve glowing-healthy skin?

Love, Chantelle