Monday, 18 August 2014

Luxury High End Haul!

Ever since I got a job I have been buying so much makeup and I love it! I have always wanted to have the money to do so, and now I am I just keep buying a few items off my makeup list! This haul is a very expensive one but I think they are worth the money in the end because they truly are luxurious..

Beauty Blender £14-£20
I was so skeptical about buying this because its around £14 from Beauty Bay just for a sponge, this was the cheapest place I found it for! But it feels so luxurious and once you've wet it to make it expand, you just know it's going to be amazing, it blends in my foundation, whatever foundation I am using that day flawlessly, and I have tried it with 4 different foundations so far and it makes them all look beautiful, it's great for liquids and creams, such as cream foundation, bronzers, highlighters and blushers.I couldn't believe how big it expanded as well when I wet it, literally went 10 times bigger! The only downside to having any sponge is that they do get stained from product no matter how many times you wash it.

After that ramble I'll try keep the next 2 item reviews short..

I must say firstly, if you're pale/fair or quite light skinned, this won't be for you, it has an orange base so it will look orange on them skin tones, I would say this is for tanned skin for sure because of how orange it is, otherwise this product would be 100% perfect if it wasn't, but it's a great bronzer if you don't like to use powders and like to keep the skin dewy, blends amazingly! I use a Real Techniques Expect Face Brush with this, has slight tiny little gold glitter particles which aren't noticeable, it just stops it looking flat and dull on the skin.

Tom Ford Brow Sculptor in ' 02 Taupe' £34
This is a great shade for those with dark brows which always find moat brow products look too warm toned on their brows if you go a shade too light, but if you go a shade too dark you end up with slugs! This always happens to me but now I have found my holy grail brow pencil, I love how it's the shape of a small angled brush which makes it amazing to use and the product glides on perfectly without it looking too full on if you don't want it to!

What would be your luxury high end product buy be?

Love, Chantelle