Thursday, 26 June 2014

St. Tropez Instant Tan

I'm not going to lie, I really dislike fake tanning, I don't like how unnatural it can sometimes look and also the smell is awful to me! but I have a problem where my body is lovely and tanned all year around, but because I wear makeup my face loses it's tan so easily and goes really pale looking and doesn't match my body at all, I also find I lose my tan so easily on my neck and chest which really doesn't help. I am naturally tanned but my chest and above just doesn't like to agree with me sometimes! I was getting pretty sick of it as I wanted to be wearing darker tanned foundations and I wanted to look bronzed, then I came across this! This is the 'St. Tropez Instant Tan Wash Off Face & Body Lotion', this guys has seriously become my holy grail!

It doesn't have that 'fake tan' smell it has a lovely fragrance smell like you're putting on your favourite body lotion. It's a lotion texture so I find it best to work in with my hands because it does wash off, I only really wanted a fake tan that could wash off instantly just in case I didn't like it. This one is in the shade Light/Medium. It looks so natural and doesn't leave any streaks and is very easy to blend! It is also a great golden colour, not too yellow and not orange at all!

It says it lasts up to 24 hours as it is only a wash off tan, I think it does and also after washing it off it does still leave a really natural faint tan, to wash it off all properly I would say it would come off after the second wash. It's water and transfer resistant, so it will only wash off with soap and water not water on its own, great for rainy weather! It can be used on your face and body of course like it says.

On the bottle it says 'This easy to use, no-streaks lotion glides on to give a natural, golden tan that lasts up to 24 hours' and I totally agree with that.

'Golden rules for the perfect sunless tan: massage into clean, dry skin. Leave to set of 2-3 minutes. For best results apply using our 'Tan Applicator Mitt'. To remove, wash off with soap and water. I personally think if you use a mitt or your hands with it either way you'll get amazing results.

It's the best natural looking tan for anyone just starting to get into fake tanning or if you just want a natural tan like me!

Where to buy:
Beauty Bay
St. Tropez
Feel Unique

Love Chantelle x